When researching what cryptocurrency investing platform you want to use, there are some key points you want to compare. In this comparison, we will look at Crypto.com and Bybit's features, assets, security, fees, customer support and more to determine which exchange is ultimately better. 

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Why Bybit is better than Crypto.com

Summary: For a quick overview, Bybit is the superior platform for both experienced traders and complete crypto beginners. The platform is tailored for both types of investors and the UI is very easy to navigate/adjust. Bybit is widely regarded as the best futures trading exchange in the world as they are the only platform to offer 100x leverage. 

You can refer to the below table for a side-by-side comparison of the two cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bybit Vs Crypto.com Crypto.com Vs Bybit
Beginner Friendly Image Image
Year Founded 2018 2016
Supported Devices Web iOS & Android Web, iOS & Android
Cryptocurrencies 700+ 500+
Trading Fees 0.06 - 0.1% 0.06% 0.4%
Staking Options Five Staking Options Available One Staking Option
Overall Rating CoinSpot overall rating Four Stars
Website Visit Bybit Visit Crypto.com

Deposit, Withdrawal & Trading Fees

For fees, Crypto.com is considered to be on the higher end and charges a higher premium for their retail users. As for Bybit, its fees are considered relatively low and affordable. You can refer to the points below for a breakdown of the two exchange’s fees. 


  • Deposit Fee: Deposits are free on Bybit
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.0005 BTC for all withdrawals (this is below the industry average which is 0.00059 BTC)
  • Spot Trading Fee: Starts from 0.1% and gets lower the larger your monthly trading volume is
  • Derivatives Trading Fee: Starts from 0.06% and goes down to 0.01% the larger your monthly trading volume is


  • Deposit Fee: Deposits are free on Crypto.com
  • Withdrawal Fee: For crypto withdrawals, please visit their fees schedule for a complete breakdown, for fiat currencies a 25 USDC non-refundable fee will be applied to every withdrawal
  • Spot Trading Fee: 0.4%
  • Derivatives Trading Fee: Starts from 0.06% and gets lower the more you trade over a 30 day period

Winner: Bybit has significantly lower trading and withdrawal fees than Crypto.com making it a preferred platform for crypto beginners. 

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bybit currently supports over 260 tokens on Spot trading including stablecoins, meme coins, DeFi coins, Metaverse coins and many more. In addition to the Spot tokens, Bybit supports over 450 pairs on Derivatives and Options trading.

Crypto.com currently supports over 500 tokens on their platform across their Spot and Futures trading markets. 

Winner: Bybit supports a higher number of cryptocurrencies on their platform and a more diverse selection which includes spot trading, inverse, USDT & USDC perpetual trading, inverse futures trading, USDC options trading and leveraged tokens trading. 

Bybit USDT Perpetual Trading Options
Bybit USDT Perpetual Trading Options

Security, Licensing and Regulation

Bybit is currently regulated and licensed to operate safely and legally, except for its restricted countries. The platform does not offer services or products to the following excluded jurisdictions - the United States, mainland China, Singapore, Quebec (Canada), North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Sevastopol, Sudan, Syria, Donetsk and Luhansk. 

Crypto.coms list of restricted countries is significantly longer, please refer to their Restricted Countries page for a detailed list. They are properly regulated and licensed to operate in the US except for New York where the platform is banned. Unfortunately Crypto.com was subjected to a cyber attack in early 2022 where the hacker was able to get away with $35M from over 500 users wallets. 

Winner: Bybit has never been subjected to any hacking incident or cyber attack, and has less restricted countries than Crypto.com

Available Cryptocurrency Staking (Earn) Options

Bybit has the most diverse range of staking options out of any centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world. You can currently choose from 5 different staking options including Dual Asset staking, Liquidity Mining, Flexible/Fixed staking and more. Across all these categories you can stake over 70 tokens and pairs. APY’s offered on Bybit go up to 250%. 

Crypto.com currently offers fixed and flexible staking on 45 different tokens with APY’s ranging from 1% - 12%. 

Winner: Bybit has a far more diverse range of staking options available and offers significantly higher APY (Annual Percentage Yields) than Crypto.com

Bybit Earn - Dual Asset
Bybit Earn - Dual Asset

Mobile App: Android & iOS

Bybits mobile app is supported on both Android and iOS. For Apple users, the app is available on iPhone and iPad. Bybit is currently ranked #178 overall for Finance applications on the app store. 

Crypto.com’s mobile app is also supported on Android and iOS. The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. The Crypto.com app is currently ranked number #30 overall in Finance and is rated 4.2 stars out of 75K reviews. 

Both applications have the same functionality and UI as their web counterpart, you can access your portfolio, check charts, open positions, stake cryptocurrencies and much more on the go. 

Winner: Crypto.com is rated significantly higher than Bybit on the app store and has more reviews and a better rating overall. 

Crypto.com Mobile App
Crypto.com Mobile App

Customer Support & Online Communities

Bybit has a 24/7 Live Support feature on its platform and offers support in 10 different languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish and more. In addition to its live support you can also reach Bybit via email and their online communities. You can join their groups on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Trust Pilot and Reddit.

Crypto.com also has a Live Support feature and it is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French & Portuguese. You can also find Crypto.com on Telegram, Discord and Reddit.

Winner: Bybit has a more inclusive support team with 10 languages available via Live Support and 30 languages available in their online communities. 

Bybit Discord
Bybit Discord Community


Overall, Bybit is the better cryptocurrency exchange due to its competitively low fees, larger selection of digital assets, better staking options and diverse customer support team. Crypto.com does have a better mobile app but lacks in security, staking APY and customer support. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Bybit, you can read our comprehensive Bybit Review page.