Summary: CoinSpot and are digital asset platforms providing services to the Australian and global crypto community. While CoinSpot is tailored specifically for Aussies, prioritising ease of use and accessibility for AUD deposits, serves a global audience but includes features conducive for Australians. Both exchanges aim to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of a variety of digital currencies.

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Registered as a Digital Currency Exchange (DCE) with AUSTRAC.
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CoinSpot vs Overview

CoinSpot was launched in 2013 and has quickly become the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia with over 2.5 million customers. With a focus on user-friendliness that extends to both desktop and mobile interfaces, the platform has excelled in making cryptocurrency accessible to average Australians. It’s known for its wide range of AUD payment methods and high security., although serving a global customer base, has also made strides in the Australian market. Established in 2016, it offers a wide range of services including an extensive crypto card program, DeFi wallet, and staking options. With over 10 million users worldwide, the platform distinguishes itself with features like crypto loans and a comprehensive mobile application that appeals to both all traders and investors. Exchange. Exchange.

Products and Services

CoinSpot offers an expansive range of more than 420 cryptocurrencies, aiming to simplify the trading process for its users. Although it doesn't provide leverage options, it provides features like an NFT marketplace, a specialised crypto wallet, debit card offerings, staking services, Bundles (Crypto ETFs), and a simple mobile app. The exchange also boasts an NFT marketplace with the most popular projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). showcases a diversified portfolio of products to meet the varied needs of its user base. It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, and stands out for its crypto card program. The platform also allows Bitcoin-backed loans and has staking options that offer returns on various digital currencies. Its robust mobile application is designed to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced traders alike.

Winner: While provides a broad suite of services catering to a global audience, CoinSpot's platform is feature-rich and tailored to meet the specific needs of the Australian market, making it particularly appealing to everyday users in that region.

Supported Countries

CoinSpot is focused on the Australian market, offering its services exclusively to Aussie residents. This focus enables the platform to align closely with Australia's specific regulatory landscape, making it a robust choice for locals., in contrast, has a global outreach, serving customers from 80 countries around the world. Its platform is built to be versatile, complying with a range of international laws and regulations, which makes it accessible to a diverse audience.

Winner: has the upper hand when it comes to international reach, accommodating a global user base. 

AUD Payment Methods

CoinSpot is finely tuned to meet the needs of the Australian crypto community, facilitating a broad selection of payment options in AUD. Users can complete transactions using credit and debit cards, BPAY, PayID, POLi Payments, and bank transfers. In addition, the platform provides a unique offering by accepting cash payments via BlueShyft, available at a network of news agencies across the country. also caters to an Australian audience with a versatile lineup of AUD payment methods. The platform supports transactions through credit and debit cards, as well as enabling bank transfers. 

Winner: While both platforms are highly accommodating, CoinSpot has a slight edge because of its comprehensive payment methods, including the added convenience of cash payments through BlueShyft.

CoinSpot Exchange.
CoinSpot Exchange.

CoinSpot vs Fees

CoinSpot utilises a simple and transparent fee structure, charging a flat 1% trading fee for most transactions. For those willing to engage more actively, the "Markets" feature allows for reduced fees down to as low as 0.1%. Most deposit methods come without a charge, while some others have fees that range between 0.9% and 2.58%., on the other hand, offers a dynamic fee schedule that changes based on a user's 30-day trading volume and CRO token staking levels. Trading fees can go as low as 0.04% for high-volume traders. Deposits in AUD are generally free, and the platform offers zero fees for cryptocurrency withdrawals if users stake a sufficient amount of CRO tokens.

Winner: Although both platforms offer competitive fee models, is better for those looking for flexibility and lower costs associated with high-volume trading and staking.

Security and Regulation

CoinSpot is keen on maintaining a secure trading environment and adheres to Australia's rigorous regulatory standards. It is fully registered with AUSTRAC and emphasises user-friendly security protocols. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a standard feature, and additional measures like biometric identification and email confirmations for important account activities are in place. also prioritises security but extends its focus to a global scale. The platform is registered with multiple regulatory bodies across various jurisdictions. It incorporates state-of-the-art security measures such as 2FA, cold storage solutions, and insurance coverage for digital assets. 

Winner: CoinSpot takes the lead with its globally recognised security certifications and multiple layers of asset protection, providing an enhanced sense of trust for traders.

CoinSpot: Security.
CoinSpot: Security.

Final Thoughts

In weighing the strengths of CoinSpot and, it becomes clear that CoinSpot holds an advantage for those focused on the Australian market. With its simple interface, a wide range of payment options including cash, and a robust selection of more than 420 cryptocurrencies, it is a platform tailored to meet the needs of Aussies. Additionally, its stringent security measures, AUD payment methods, and adherence to AUSTRAC make it a trustworthy option for local traders.