Summary: SwyftX and Binance are cryptocurrency exchanges thatt cater to different market needs. SwyftX is optimised for Australian investors, providing features like comprehensive tax reporting and native AUD deposit support, whereas Binance is more oriented towards a global audience, offering high liquidity, multiple fiat currencies and language support, plus an extensive range of digital currencies.

Binance vs SwyftX - Winner
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SwyftX vs Binance Overview

SwyftX has garnered an Australian user base of over 400,000 since its inception in 2017. One remarkable aspect is its Demo Mode which enables users to simulate trades using fake money, which is particularly beneficial for new traders. The exchange is also integrated with tax reporting software, making it easier for Aussie users to file and comply with the ATO’s regulations.

Binance has risen to become a leading global cryptocurrency exchange with hundreds of millions of users across the world. Founded in 2017, Binance is known for its robust ecosystem, which includes the Binance Smart Chain, BNB Coin, Binance Wallet and Binance Academy. In addition, the platform offers staking, lending and borrowing services, plus multiple trading types from spot markets to derivatives and options.

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SwyftX Exchange.

Products and Services

SwyftX supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and provides multiple trading features, including market and limit orders. It offers unique features tailored to the Australian market, like 'Auto Pilot,' which acts as a robo-advisor for automated portfolio management. The tax reporting tool enables seamless generation of tax reports. 

Binance offers a colossal range of over 350 cryptocurrencies and a multitude of trading options, including spot trading, futures, and options. Specialised trading features like the Launchpad, for initial token launches, and Earn, where users can earn interest on idle crypto assets, set the platform apart. Aside from staking and trading, it provides an NFT marketplace, crypto loans, rewards hub, copy trading and a crypto debit card.

Winner: Binance offers a more extensive range of services, including advanced trading options like futures and options trading, a broader selection of digital currencies, and additional features like staking and DeFi pools. 

Supported Countries

Focused on serving the Australian market, SwyftX primarily operates in Australia and New Zealand, offering its services exclusively to residents there. The platform is optimized for Aussies and Kiwis, with full compliance to the respective country's regulations.

Binance’s international reach is one of its major strengths. Its services are available in over 100 countries, making it one of the most accessible platforms globally. The exchange complies with local laws and regulations in Australia plus many other nations worldwide.

Winner: With its global availability in over 180 countries, Binance clearly outpaces SwyftX in terms of geographical reach. 

Binance Exchange.
Binance Exchange.

Payment Methods in AUD

SwyftX goes above and beyond to accommodate its primarily Australian user base by offering a broad range of AUD payment methods. These include credit and debit cards, POLi for instant bank transfers, PayID for fast and secure payments, and the traditional EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). 

While Binance is versatile and accommodates a multitude of currencies, its AUD payment options are relatively limited compared to SwyftX. It mainly facilitates debit and credit card payments and bank transfers, lacking local payment methods like POLi and PayID that Australians often prefer.

Winner: SwyftX offers a broader range of local AUD payment methods, catering specifically to the Australian market with options like POLi and PayID. 


SwyftX employs a straightforward fee structure with a flat 0.6% trading fee that covers both maker and taker costs. There are no deposit fees but withdrawal fees apply and vary depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to transfer. This fee structure is designed to be simple and transparent, encouraging both new and experienced traders.

Binance offers a more complex but potentially rewarding fee structure. The base fee for trades is 0.1%, but users can receive discounts by holding Binance's native BNB tokens or by reaching certain monthly trading volumes. Deposit fees are generally free for cryptocurrencies, but withdrawal fees can vary widely depending on the asset and the withdrawal amount.

Winner: Binance offers a variable fee structure that can benefit high-volume traders through discounts. It also caters to beginners with a small 0.1% trading fee on spot markets.

Security and Regulation

Security is a focal point for SwyftX, which complies with Australia’s stringent regulatory requirements. Registered with AUSTRAC, the platform employs a variety of security measures including two-factor authentication (2FA), biometric logins, and cold storage solutions for digital assets. Regular security audits are performed to ensure the integrity of the system.

Binance is among the industry leaders in terms of security protocols. It employs an insurance fund to cover potential losses from system flaws or breaches. While it offers state-of-the-art security features like 2FA, U2F, and anti-phishing codes, it’s worth noting that Binance isn't registered with Australian regulatory bodies. Its compliance varies by jurisdiction, which means it might not always align with specific regulations in Australia.

Winner: SwyftX, with its compliance to Australian regulations and multiple layers of security measures, offers a more trusted environment for Australians. Binance has robust global security features but is not specifically regulated in Australia, making it potentially less secure for Australian users.

SwyftX: Security.
SwyftX: Security.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Binance and SwyftX serve different markets but offer compelling advantages in their respective domains. That being said, if you're looking for a platform with global reach, a wide range of trading options, and an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, Binance is the best overall platform. Its robust ecosystem and lower fee structure make it ideal for all types of traders. 

While SwyftX shines in catering to the specific needs of the Australian market, Binance's comprehensive features and international availability make it a more versatile and expansive option for a broader audience. Therefore, for a feature-rich and globally accessible trading experience, it is our recommendation.