This Newton vs Shakepay guide and comparison is designed to help Canadian investors decide which cryptocurrency trading platform is best for them.

We will help you make this informed decision by helping you learn the fees, features and available assets for both cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Table of Contents

Newton vs Shakepay: Fees

Shakepay offers commission-free trading for their users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their platform also offers free and instant Interac e-Transfer deposits 

Newton also offers completely free trading for over 50 different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Cardano, Decentraland, Axie Infinity and many others. Their CAD deposit methods are also free and charge 0 fees.

Shakepay vs Newton Fees
Shakepay Commission-free Trading

Available Assets on Both Platforms

Newton offers the greatest variety of cryptocurrencies out of any exchange in Canada. Their platform currently offers over 50 different currencies and are fast to list new and popular coins. The image below shows a quick glance at some of the coins listed on their platform.

Shakepay only offer Bitcoin and Ethereum as mentioned earlier in the article.

Newton Cryptocurrencies
List of Cryptocurrencies available on Newton

Safety and Regulation

Newton and Shakepay are safe and regulated digital asset exchanges in Canada. Both platforms are licensed cryptocurrency service providers by FINTRAC. This makes them safe financial institutions to deposit Canadian Dollars (CAD) into from your local bank.

Final Verdict: Newton or Shakepay?

Summary: Newton is by far the best cryptocurrency exchange for Canadian investors because they offer more coins and tighter spreads than Shakepay. One of Shakepay’s greatest limitations is the fact they only offer 2 cryptocurrencies to buy or sell.