CommSec Pocket vs CommSec

CommSec Pocket vs CommSec

Dylan Matthews
Fact Checked
July 31, 2022

Summary: CommSec is the better platform for advanced investors looking to buy and sell Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Commodities and more.

CommSec Pocket only offers 7 different ETFs for micro-investing and is designed for beginner investors only.

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Platform Highlights

CommSec vs CommSec Pocket

When it comes to stock investing in Australia, CommSec and CommSec Pocket are two household names. If you are wondering which of the two is better suited to your investment goals, we are here to help you with a CommSec vs CommSec Pocket comparison.

While CommSec is the largest stockbroking firm in Australia, CommSec Pocket is an investing app owned by the firm. The first is for large scale investing while the second is for those testing the waters in stocks investing. 

In this comparison of the two, we will highlight some of their main distinguishing features. We will also show you some of their pros and cons to help you see which is better for stock investors in Australia. Below is a table of the main features of the two.

CommSec CommSec Pocket
Min. Investment $500 $50
Brokerage Fees (by investment) $1,000-$10.000: $19.95
$10,000-$25,000: $9.95
Over $25,000: 0.1%
Up to $1,000: $2
Over $1,000: 0.2%
Regulated Yes Yes
Supported Devices Desktop, Android and iOS Mobile only
Number of ETFs All ASX listed ETFs 7
Verdict Winner 🏆 Loser

Trading Fees Compared

CommSec has significantly higher fees than CommSec Pocket. Even though the fees seem to drop to 0.12% with an investment above $25,000, it isn’t really lower as it never drops below the fees at $25,000 or less. CommSec Pocket’s 0.2% for an investment of more that $1,000 is much less than what is obtainable on CommSec.

Winner: CommSec Pocket. It is the more cost effective options for those investing small amounts.

Minimum investment on CommSec and CommSec Pocket

CommSec sets its minimum investment at $500, meaning investors with less cannot use it. CommSec Pocket on the other hand allows anyone with as little as $50 to invest in stocks. It is therefore more inclusive and so more people can access stocks though it. The CommSec Pocket app has well over 1 million downloads now.

Winner: CommSec Pocket. Investors with smaller amounts can still invest in stocks.

Available ETFs

CommSec provides investors access to all ETFs listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). As at March 2020, there were 200 ETFs on ASX, which means there are currently at least 200 ETFs available to CommSec customers. There are only 7 ETFs on CommSec Pocket, which gives investors fewer options.

Winner: CommSec. Investors have many more options compared to CommSec Pocket.

Supported Devices

CommSec is supported on desktop and mobile devices. This also gives investors more options to use depending on their circumstances. CommSec being an app naturally can only be used on a mobile device. 

Winner: CommSec. Customers can use computers or mobile devices depending on convenience.

CommSec vs CommSec Pocket: Final Verdict

CommSec and its app are both recognised stock trading platforms in Australia. However if we are to compare the two, CommSec would be a better option as it gives more stock options. Although the fees are much higher, customers will have access to more stock options and can explore many investment opportunities.


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