Summary: The best way to buy Bitcoin with an ING Bank account is through a regulated digital asset exchange. You will need to connect to one of these to deposit fiat currency and trade Crypto.

We recommend eToro as the best for AUD deposits from ING Bank. They offer zero fees to trade Bitcoin and over 30 other cryptos.

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Can I buy Bitcoin with ING Bank?

Unfortunately ING Bank does not offer any way for users to buy Bitcoin and crypto directly through their ING Direct account.

However, you can connect your ING Bank account to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. All you need to do is sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, deposit Australian Dollars via your ING account and you can instantly buy any crypto.


How to buy Bitcoin with ING Bank?

The safest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin with ING Bank is through eToro Australia. They offer free AUD Deposits for ING Bank customers that can deposit via Bank Transfer, PayID or Osko.

Their platform also offers zero fees on cryptocurrency trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and many other coins.

Buy Bitcoin ING Bank
Deposit AUD on eToro via ING Bank transfer

ING Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

As at time of writing, ING Bank does not have any policies that negatively affect cryptocurrency investors or traders. This means you can freely deposit Australian Dollars from ING Bank into trusted and AUSTRAC regulated digital currency exchanges like eToro.

Visit eToro Australia

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