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How to Buy Crypto with Kasikorn Bank (KBank)

How to Buy Crypto with Kasikorn Bank (KBank)

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March 7, 2023
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Summary: It is not possible to invest in cryptocurrencies directly through the Kasikorn bank (KBank) platform. However, users can purchase Bitcoin by using a regulated exchange that accepts THB deposits. One recommended exchange is Bybit, which is a global cryptocurrency investing platform offering trading on over 400 tokens. Bybit also allows users to stake, lend and borrow digital assets.

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Best Exchange for Kasikorn Bank

Platform Highlights

  • Instant THB deposits from Kasikorn Bank via Bank Transfer, Debit Card or Credit Card.
  • Buy, sell and trade 400+ Cryptocurrencies for low fees via Spot and Futures trading.
  • Non-KYC exchange with audited proof-of-reserves that show customer funds are backed 1:1.
Bybit - Kasikorn Bank
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

Can you Buy Cryptocurrencies on KBank?

No, you cannot buy cryptocurrencies directly on the Kasikorn banking platform. However, users can use a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand that accepts THB deposits to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before choosing an exchange to ensure it is reliable and secure.

How to buy Crypto with Kasikorn Bank

As outlined above, the best way to buy cryptocurrencies with a Kasikorn Bank account is through a trusted and regulated digital asset trading platform that accepts THB deposits. Based on our analysis of over 20 exchanges, we found that Bybit was the best overall platform to buy & sell over 400 coins with KBank.

You can follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Create a free account on Bybit and complete the onboarding processes.
  2. Click 'Buy Crypto', then 'One-Click Buy' and select 'THB' as your currency.
  3. Pick a method and the cryptocurrency you want to invest in.
  4. Input the amount you want to purchase and tap 'Buy'.
How to buy Crypto with Kasikorn Bank.
How to buy Crypto with Kasikorn Bank.

Is it expensive to buy cryptocurrencies in Thailand?

This depends on where you're buying cryptocurrencies from, when you use popular exchanges like Coinbase, you could be subjected to 4 - 5% trading fees and 3 - 5% deposit fees. But on Bybit, KBank users get free/instant deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, it charges zero trading fees. So Bybit is a zero commission cryptocurrency exchange.

Kasikorn Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Kasikorn Bank, also known as KBank, is one of the largest banking institutions in Thailand. It offers a wide range of financial services, including banking, lending, investments, and insurance. KBank has been at the forefront of developing new financial technologies, such as mobile banking and contactless payments. The bank was also one of the first in Thailand to launch a cryptocurrency exchange, Kubix.

KBank is considered a crypto-friendly bank given it has launched its own cryptocurrency exchange. There is nothing stated in its policies that would prohibit their users from investing in cryptocurrencies with their KBank accounts.

Final Thoughts

Kasikorn Bank (KBank) does not provide a direct way to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies through its platform. However, users can use regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in Thailand that accept THB deposits, such as Bybit. Bybit offers users the ability to buy and sell over 400 cryptocurrencies with free/instant deposits and zero trading fees. As KBank continues to be at the forefront of developing new financial technologies, it may offer direct cryptocurrency investing options in the future.

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