Summary: CIMB, while not directly offering cryptocurrency trading services, supports its customers in buying digital currencies by permitting fund transfers to regulated exchanges. Clients should use platforms that comply with appropriate regulatory standards, assuring secure and safeguarded transactions.

For CIMB customers interested in cryptocurrency investment, Bybit is an excellent choice. Known for its user-friendly interface, Bybit allows fee-free deposits in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), granting access to over 830 cryptocurrencies. With competitive trading fees, over 10 million users and robust security measures, Bybit is an appealing option for those looking to delve into digital assets.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with CIMB?

Maybank allows customers to exchange Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is enabled through trusted Malaysian cryptocurrency exchanges, in line with Bank Negara Malaysia's regulations. Maybank advises its users to transact with regulated in the country, or throughout Asia, to ensure smooth and secure transactions from their bank accounts.

How to Buy Crypto with CIMB

CIMB customers interested in cryptocurrency can easily purchase a range of digital assets, including various stablecoins and altcoins, through a secure and accessible process. Bybit, known for its user-friendly and secure platform, supports transactions in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), catering specifically to Malaysian users. The platform boasts a diverse portfolio of over 830 cryptocurrencies, offering ample opportunities for trading and staking to earn interest.

To buy digital assets using CIMB:

  1. Account Setup: Register on Bybit.
  2. Account Funding: Navigate to 'Buy Crypto' on Bybit, choose 'Fiat Deposit', and select Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
  3. Payment Method Selection: Choose a suitable method for depositing MYR, such as a transfer from CIMB or a Malaysian debit/credit card.
  4. Finalizing Purchase: Once your Bybit wallet is funded, select your desired cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, to complete the purchase.
Buy Crypto with MYR from CIMB Clicks.

CIMB Cryptocurrency Policy

CIMB recognizes the increasing traction of cryptocurrencies and facilitates its clients' engagement in digital currency trading via esteemed exchanges. The bank assures that these transactions align with guidelines set by Malaysia's Securities Commission (SC) and equivalent global regulatory authorities, ensuring secure and dependable exchanges.

This policy empowers clients to confidently engage with internationally acclaimed and secure trading environments. CIMB's commitment to adhering to regulatory compliance in cryptocurrency dealings reflects its dedication to offering advanced financial options, prioritizing customer security and trust at all times.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

CIMB customers considering cryptocurrency investments should know transaction fees for effective investing. Here's a brief guide to common fees on digital asset platforms:

  • Trading Charges: Platforms like Bybit typically impose a trading fee. Bybit, known for minimal fees, starts at only 0.1% per transaction, making it an economical choice for investors.
  • Deposit Fees: The expense of depositing funds varies by method. Bybit offers complimentary transfers in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), which benefits CIMB users.
  • Withdrawal Expenses: Fees for transferring cryptocurrencies from the platform vary based on the digital currency. Bybit maintains competitive fees for major cryptocurrencies, positioning it as a viable option.

CIMB clients interested in digital assets find Bybit's low trading fees and zero-cost MYR deposits attractive. Its compliance with financial regulations and extensive range of cryptocurrencies suit the needs of local investors well.

What is CIMB?

CIMB Group, one of Southeast Asia's leading banking conglomerates, offers various financial services, including consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, and asset management. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, CIMB has an extensive network across ASEAN countries, with significant operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and beyond. Known for its innovative approach to banking and financial solutions, CIMB consistently strives to meet the evolving needs of its customers, blending traditional banking methods with digital advancements.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, for CIMB customers exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, Bybit emerges as a compelling choice, blending user-friendliness, security, and affordability. Offering fee-free Malaysian Ringgit deposits and low trading fees, it provides a practical gateway to a diverse range of over 830 cryptocurrencies. This, combined with CIMB's policy of facilitating safe cryptocurrency transactions through regulated exchanges, ensures a secure and compliant investment journey. Bybit’s alignment with regulatory standards, appealing fee structure, and extensive cryptocurrency offerings make it a top contender for those seeking to diversify into digital assets