Summary: Bitcoin, stablecoins, and a variety of cryptocurrencies have become increasingly accessible in Argentina owing to the arrival of credible exchanges adhering to the regulations set forth by the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA). These platforms offer streamlined deposit methods for Argentine Pesos (ARS) through bank transfers or credit card transactions, contributing to the secure expansion of digital assets in the country.

Our team has examined over 15 crypto exchanges operating in Argentina to guide you towards the most compliant and dependable options. Prioritizing their compliance with regulations and ARS deposit capabilities, we introduce the top 5 trading platforms in Argentina:

  1. Bybit - Best Overall Exchange in Argentina
  2. Binance - Best Alternative Exchange
  3. - Best No KYC Exchange in Argentina
  4. Uphold - Best Option for Crypto Staking
  5. KuCoin - Good Alternative No KYC Exchange
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Top Crypto Trading Platforms in Argentina 

Our specialists have formulated a methodology to classify the leading cryptocurrency platforms in Argentina. This evaluation considers factors like adherence to the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) regulations, historical security records, standards of transparency (including results from audits), fees, features, and supported cryptocurrencies, among other criteria. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of these top 5 Argentine exchanges.

1. Bybit

Emerging at the forefront of Argentina's crypto trading platform landscape, Bybit sets itself apart with a staggering $8 billion daily turnover in both spot and derivatives markets. It equips Argentine traders with an extensive selection of over 150 crypto derivatives contracts and 350 spot markets, allowing simple buying, selling, and trading at competitive fees of 0.01% for taker orders and 0.07% for maker orders.

Notable for its wide range of services, Bybit offers Crypto Staking, an IDO Launchpad, and an NFT Marketplace. Specifically, it accommodates Argentine users with tailored deposit methods such as Argentine bank transfers and globally recognized debit and credit cards. For a more in-depth insight, we encourage you to check out our detailed Bybit review.

Best Crypto Exchanges Argentina - Bybit

2. Binance

Binance secures the second position as a premier cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina. This distinction arises from its broad array of supported cryptocurrencies, rigorous security protocols, and compliance with regulations within Argentina. Binance delivers Argentine users with a diverse trading experience, catering to both novice and seasoned traders with its dual interface feature.

The platform also proffers various services such as spot trading, futures trading, crypto staking, lending, and borrowing services, marking it as a top-tier choice for crypto enthusiasts. Notably, Binance boasts the quickest Argentine Peso (ARS) deposit capabilities via bank transfer, Mercadopago and other methods, further enhancing its appeal.

Binance Argentina


Ranked third, stands out as the leading non-KYC cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina. This platform appeals to users who value privacy, allowing crypto transactions without the requirement for personal information disclosure. This means Argentine investors can deposit, withdraw, and trade funds without undergoing identity verification. showcases a broad spectrum of over 1700 cryptocurrencies for trading. It promises competitive fees and a secure trading environment bolstered with safety measures like cold storage and two-factor authentication. With its extensive range of cryptocurrencies and no need for KYC, it presents itself as an optimal trading platform for users across Argentina. Argentina

4. Uphold

Rising in the ranks of Argentinian cryptocurrency exchanges is Uphold, a globally oriented platform adhering to the guidelines of the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA). Uphold stands out with its broad selection of over 250 cryptocurrencies available for purchase and staking, all with zero fees. It also offers immediate ARS deposits from all Argentine banks, debit and credit cards, ensuring transactions are quick and seamless.

Uphold touts a global user base of over 10 million, illustrating its credibility in the crypto landscape. It's accessible across various platforms, including Web App, iOS, and Android, and offers real-time customer support 24/7. These features collectively solidify Uphold's place as a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Argentina.

Uphold Latin America

5. KuCoin

KuCoin rounds out the top five choices for Argentine traders as a non-KYC crypto exchange. It's well-known for trading altcoins, dog coins, and meme coins, supporting transactions for over 600 cryptocurrencies. KuCoin offers the most extensive range of tokens out of any platform on this list. 

Our team selected KuCoin due to its emphasis on privacy, with no KYC requirement to use the platform. However, it does not match the security level of the other exchanges featured in this list. Nevertheless, it provides a wide array of valuable and unique trading features. If you're interested in learning more about this platform and its services.


Is Crypto Legal in Argentina?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are legal in Argentina, but they are not recognized as legal currency. Instead, they are considered goods or assets under the current regulations.The Financial Information Unit of Argentina (Unidad de Información Financiera, UIF) regulates activities related to digital assets to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In 2020, the UIF issued a statement requiring all digital asset companies such as exchanges and trading platforms to report all transactions.

Additionally, the Central Bank of Argentina (Banco Central de la República Argentina, BCRA) has also released various statements regarding the use of cryptocurrencies. While it has not banned the use of these digital assets, it has warned about the potential risks involved.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Argentina

In Argentina, acquiring Bitcoin can be streamlined due to a variety of user-friendly platforms. Here's a straightforward guide for buying Bitcoin and other digital currencies:

  1. Choose an Exchange: Identify a platform that operates in Argentina and supports ARS deposits, such as Binance or Bybit. 
  2. Set up an Account: Create an account on your chosen platform. For security, most platforms require compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. 
  3. Fund Your Account: Deposit Argentine Pesos (ARS) into your account. Most exchanges accept bank transfers and globally accepted credit cards. 
  4. Purchase Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies: Within the exchange's interface, select Bitcoin, specify the amount you want to buy, and confirm the transaction. 
  5. Monitor Your Investment: Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, it's crucial to regularly monitor your investments. 

In Argentina's evolving crypto environment, additional safety measures like VPNs are typically not necessary for secure access to these platforms. This simplifies the process of buying Bitcoin in Argentina.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the rise of credible cryptocurrency exchanges adhering to Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) regulations has paved the way for more accessible and secure digital asset trading in the country. The top five exchanges in Argentina—Bybit, Binance,, Uphold, and KuCoin—offer varying services to cater to different user needs, including KYC and non-KYC options, diverse deposit methods, and extensive lists of supported cryptocurrencies.

The legality of cryptocurrencies in Argentina further supports their growth, even though they're not recognized as legal tender but rather as goods or assets. In summary, the increasing accessibility and regulatory adherence of these exchanges make Argentina a promising terrain for secure and dynamic cryptocurrency trading.