Summary: Mantle, a pioneering Layer 2 enhancement for Ethereum, offers smooth integration with your MetaMask wallet thanks to its EVM compatibility. The setup process is simple, with ChainList being a highly recommended platform for adding the network, or you can opt to manually enter the network's RPC details into your extension. This access opens the door to a wide range of DeFi projects, benefiting from Mantle's focus on boosting transaction speeds, reducing costs, and nurturing a supportive developer community.

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Can I Add Mantle to MetaMask?

Absolutely, Mantle is tailored for effortless connection with MetaMask, thanks to its role as an Ethereum Layer 2. This enables you to manage your assets and interact with smart contracts within the Mantle ecosystem directly via your MetaMask wallet. Additionally, the platform delivers improved transaction efficiency and lower costs compared to the Ethereum mainnet, benefiting both everyday users and developers.

How to Add Mantle to MetaMask

Adding the Mantle Network, a Layer 2 roll-up solution, to your MetaMask wallet is an easy task. This is because Mantle shares Solidity as its programming language with Ethereum, thanks to its EVM-based infrastructure. This process can be most conveniently done via the ChainList App, a platform that aggregates the network data for all EVM chains and offers a swift integration with a single click. 

Follow the steps below to connect your MetaMask wallet with the Mantle Network:

  1. Install the MetaMask on your preferred browser, like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Open the ChainList App.
  3. In the search bar of the ChainList App, type 'Mantle'.
  4. Once you spot the Mantle Network, click on 'Add to MetaMask'. After you click this button, your MetaMask wallet will establish a connection with the Mantle Network.
Add Mantle to MetaMask via ChainList.

Mantle RPC Details

If you're planning to establish a direct connection to the Mantle network, it's important to use the confirmed RPC endpoints and Network ID. Here's the specific information you'll need:

This information can help you interact directly with the Mantle network, which was built by the Bybit team as an EVM-based Layer 2 rollup solution for reduced fees and faster transaction finality.

What is Mantle?

Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum Layer-2 network designed to foster mass adoption of token-governed technologies. Its ecosystem, governed by $MNT token holders, features a Mantle Treasury and supports the development of user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps). With its $MNT token, Mantle achieves hyperscale performance through low transaction fees and faster finality, facilitated by the fusion of roll-up technology and a decentralized data availability layer, EigenDA.

Moreover, Mantle offers a service known as Mantle LSD to enhance Ethereum's capital efficiency through decentralized staking. Governance decisions, ranging from new initiatives to treasury resource management, are made democratically by $MNT token holders.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding the Mantle Network to MetaMask is a straightforward process, primarily facilitated by ChainList. As an Ethereum Layer-2 network, Mantle provides reduced transaction fees, faster finality, and increased capital efficiency for Ethereum through decentralized staking. Its EVM-based infrastructure also ensures compatibility and ease of use for those familiar with Solidity programming.