How to buy Terareum TERA Crypto

How to buy Terareum TERA Crypto

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March 28, 2022
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Where to Buy TERA Summary: If you are interested in buying the Terareum (TERA) cryptocurrency, you will need to use a decentralized exchange like Uniswap (V2).

The Terareum crypto is not yet available on major exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, which is why a DEX is the only current options.

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How to buy Terareum TERA on Uniswap

In order to buy Terareum on Uniswap, you will need to firstly create a Metamask or Trust Wallet web 3 account on a Google Chrome browser. With the funded web 3 wallet, you can then connect to a decentralized exchange to trade thousands of different tokens.

The simple guide below provides a full overview on how to get started.

  • Create a Metamask Wallet
  • Send Ethereum (ETH) to your Metamask deposit address
  • Visit Uniswap v2 and the Terareum page
  • Swap ETH for Terareum
Buying Terareum on Uniswap

What is Terareum?

Terareum is a new centralized exchange and centralized exchange coin like Binance (BNB) or Kucoin (KCS). They plan to offer a full-suite of centralized exchange services including spot trading, perpetuals trading, nft exchange, crypto debit cards and more.

The Tera Exchange and Tera-Chain recently completed their ICO raise and are a new and exciting project in the crypto space.

Terareum Price

The chart below is the live price of Terareum in US Dollars.

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