How to buy Shakita Inu Crypto

How to buy Shakita Inu Crypto

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Jun 25, 2022

How and Where to Buy SHAK Summary: If you are interested in buying the cryptocurrency known as Shakita Inu (SHAK), you will need to use a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange like Pancake Swap.

Most centralised exchanges do not list meme/alt coins hence needing to go through a decentralised exchange.

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How and Where to buy Shakita Inu (SHAK)

Before you buy the Shakita Inu token, you will need to have Metamask installed in your browser in order to buy it on PancakeSwap. With Metamask installed, you can then easily connect it to a decentralized exchange to trade thousands of different cryptocurrencies.

Please follow the simple guide below to get started:

  1. Create a Metamask Wallet
  2. Send Binance Coin (BNB) to your Metamask wallet address
  3. Visit PancakeSwap and select 'Trade'
  4. Swap BNB for Shakita Inu

What is Shakita Inu?

Shakita Inu is an interesting new memecoin to hit the market with tokenomics that charge 0% fees to buy the token but a hefty 10% sell fee, 4% of which is burned from the supply. Because of the 4% that is being burned, the supply is getting constantly lower. The token has been mathimatically designed to get to a $1 ten times quicker than DOGE did.

Additional to the unique tokenomics, they are frequently giving away prizes in their 'BIG SHAK LOTTO' where random holders are selected to win when the token hits a certain price milestone. The higher the price goes, the bigger the prizes become, giving holders an incentive to HODL their SHAK tokens.

Shakita Inu Price

The chart below is the live price of Shakita Inu (SHAK) in US Dollars.

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