Xen Crypto Guide

Xen Crypto Guide

Andrew Chen
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Oct 10, 2022

In this guide, we overview the new cryptocurrency XEN that was built and deployed by the Fair Crypto Foundation and former Google engineer Jack Levin. The XEN token has taken the crypto world by storm and as of today (Oct 10, 2022) accounts for over 40% of the transactions on the Ethereum network.

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What is XEN Crypto?

XEN is a new cryptocurrency that is designed to achieve the original mission of blockchain, which is to be a decentralized, transparent, counterparty-free, peer-to-peer currency. The philosophy behind XEN is simplicity. The token started with zero supply and can be minted by anyone who interacts with the XEN network contract with no maximum supply.

The XEN token can be staked to mint more XEN, which can be sold on the open market, or re-staked to compound rewards. XEN uses a smart-contract to manage token distribution, which means all participants are subject to the same set of rules that are secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

XEN Crypto
XEN Crypto: Key Network Statistics.

How does XEN Generate Rewards?

The XEN staking tokenomics are based on a few variables. Users can stake rewards and select the period in which they want to lock their rewards, the longer you lock, the higher the yield. The smart contract will also give you a XEN rank (cRANK), which will give you a boosted yield depending on how early you are and how many people staked and locked before you.

You can read more about the XEN tokenomics in the whitepaper.

Mint Free XEN
Mint Free XEN.

How do I buy XEN?

XEN can be bought on popular decentralized exchanges like Sushiswap or Uniswap. However, the best method to acquire XEN is by minting it on the application by connecting your MetaMask wallet and selecting the 'Mint' button. The tokens are free and you can sell them onto the open market to participants who do not know how to mint the tokens, but want to get in on the hype.

How do I Mint XEN tokens?

If you want to mint XEN tokens instead of buying them on a decentralized exchange, you can follow this simple video guide.

XEN Crypto Price

The chart below is the live price of XEN Crypto in US Dollars.

Is XEN Safe?

XEN is a highly volatile token with no real value of utility. Discretion is advised when participating in the XEN network. The smart contract is open-source and has been audited by popular blockchain security firms. However, as with any decentralized application, there is always a risk of loss of capital.

The fact that XEN is not backed by any assets or has any real world utility makes it a very risky investment. If you're thinking about buying XEN, we recommend doing your own research and consulting with a financial advisor.

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