Su Zhu Net Worth

Su Zhu Net Worth

Su Zhu is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Three Arrows Capital, a global macro hedge fund. The fund is now being dissolved due to 3AC not being able to meet margin requirements from creditors.

Prior to the fund getting liquididated, Su Zhu had an estimated net worth of $1 billion based on his crypto fund and other investments in high-end Real Estate in Singapore.

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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

Who is Su Zhu?

Born in China, Su Zhu moved to the United States to attend college. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley and went on to earn his MBA from the University of Chicago.

After working in the financial industry for a number of years, Su Zhu co-founded Three Arrows Capital in 2012. The hedge fund grew to become the most successful Crypto investing fund, however they recently collapsed due to bad debt and not being able to pay back loans.

What Happened to Three Arrows Capital (3AC)?

On June 15, 2022 Three Arrows Capital founder and CIO Su Zhu (@zhusu) reacted to rumors on Twitter that his firm had been overleveraged and have recently become insolvent. The inference drawn from this Tweet is that they are in the process of their insolvency and are looking to pay back creditors.

Three Arrows Capital Crypto Wallet

You can track the Crypto Wallet of Three Arrows Capital's Su Zhu and Kyle Davies via Zapper. Analysis shows that this wallet (tagged as 3AC on Nansen) has been aggressively paying back AAVE debt against its 223k ETH / $264mm position to avoid liquidation.  

With $198mm in borrowings against it, at a 85% liquidation threshold, a -11% move in ETH to $1,042 will liquidate it.

Su Zhu Crypto Wallet
Three Arrows Capital & Su Zhu Crypto Wallet via Zapper.

How did Su Zhu make his Net Worth?

Su Zhu is a highly respected investor and his views on the markets are often sought after by the media. He is a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg, and other financial news outlets.

He gained notoriety after investing heavily into Crypto Markets before the DeFi boom in late 2020 and early 2021. Su and his Three Arrows Capital investment partner Kyle Davies turned a modest 8 figure fund into a 10+ figure fund that significantly multiplied both their net worth's.

Is Su Zhu Making a Comeback?

After the implosion of FTX, Su Zhu has become significantly more active on his Twitter account. He has began to publically blame Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) for the demise of Three Arrow Capital, stating that SBF had shown Alameda Research their positions, in an effort to stop them out and liquidate them. You can follow this story further on Su Zhu's public Twitter account.

Final Thoughts

At this point, it is unclear what Su Zhu's net worth is. Some sources report that he still has a large amount of money tied up in his own personal investments and assets, while others assume that with the liquidation of Three Arrows Capital all of his funds were lost. Regardless of whether or not Su Zhu will make a comeback financially, he has certainly become a household name in the world of Crypto investing. His experience and expertise will no doubt be of great value to any investor or organization seeking to gain insight into this rapidly developing sector.

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