Summary: The best way to bridge from Solana to Optimism is through a trusted cross-chain DEX that supports SOL to Ethereum Layer 2 transfers. Based on our analysis, we found that the Portal Bridge was the only platform that allows you to send ETH, USDC and other tokens directly from Solana to the Optimism L2.

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How to Bridge from Solana to Optimism

The process to bridge from Solana to Optimism requires the use of two cross-chain decentralized exchanges. This is because there are no direct bridges from Solana to Layer 2 protocols on Ethereum like Optimism. That said, the first bridge will take you from Solana to Ethereum, then the second bridge will move your assets from Ethereum to Optimism.

We recommend following the steps below to move your assets from Solana to Optimism in the cheapest way possible using these cross-chain bridges.

  1. Visit Portal Bridge and connect your Solana Wallet.
  2. Select Ethereum as your Destination Chain and select the tokens you want to transfer, then execute your transaction.
  3. Once your tokens arrive on Ethereum, visit the Optimism Bridge.
  4. Select Optimism as your Destination Chain and select the tokens you want to transfer, then execute your final transaction.
Solana to Ethereum (before Optimism) on Portal Bridge.

Fees to Bridge Assets from Solana to Optimism

The fees to bridge from Solana to Optimism will be a little more expensive than normal cross-chain transfers because users will need to use two bridges. That said, the total average cost during normal times of network demand is around $50 to move funds from Solana to Ethereum and then finally to Optimism.

Is Portal Bridge Safe?

Yes, Portal Bridge is a safe and secure cross-chain bridge. It is audited by top security firms to ensure that your funds remain safe throughout the transferring process. All transactions are done through non-custodial smart contracts which have been tested extensively for security vulnerabilities.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we walked through the best way to bridge assets from Solana to Ethereum's Layer 2 networks on Optimism. We recommend using Portal Bridge and the Optimism Bridge to get your tokens from one chain to another in a secure and cost-effective manner. With these tools, you can easily move funds between different blockchains in minutes.