Solana to FTM Bridge

Solana to FTM Bridge

Dylan Matthews
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Jul 10, 2022

Summary: You will need to use two different bridging protocols to transfer your assets from Solana to Fantom Opera.

The first is with Portal (by Wormhole), which will let you move from Solana to Ethereum. The second is Synapse Protocol, which can take you to your final destination, Fantom.

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Where to Bridge Solana to Fantom Opera

If you want to move your assets like ETH or USDC from SOL to FTM, you will need to use two different cross-chain bridging dapps. The first will migrate your tokens from Solana the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which can then onboard into the Fantom ecosystem.

You can follow our simple 3 step guide to get started:

Step 1: Select the assets on Solana that you want to move to Fantom on the Portal Token Bridge. You will then select Ethereum as your destination chain and approve the transaction. You will need to have an Ethereum wallet like Metamask to receive the transaction.

Step 2: When your assets have arrived on your Ethereum wallet, you can then visit Synapse Protocol. Then select

Step 3: Then select the two networks as displayed below to bridge to FTM.

Bridging 0.0299 ETH to Fantom via Synapse.

SOL to FTM Trading Fees

When bridging to the Fantom Opera blockchain from Solana, you have to use quite a few decentralized applications. Fortunately, all transactions on Solana are under 1 cent - so to get off the network is cheap.

Once you get onto Ethereum, before moving onto FTM, things get a little expensive. You can typically expect to pay around $50USD to pay the final transaction to move your assets across to Fantom.

SOL to FTM Swap Price

If you were to swap SOL to FTM tokens, the chart below shows the amount of FTM you would get with 1 SOL token.

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