Summary: The best NFT rarity tool for Solana is Hyperspace (formerly Solanalysis). Their platform has the most users and is integrated with the most Solana NFTs to easily determine the rarity of your NFT.

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How to Check Rarity for Solana NFTs

The easiest way to check the rarity of your NFTs on the Solana blockchain is by using a 'Rarity Tool' that aggregates the data of all NFTs in a collection to determine rarity rankings. If your NFT is in a collection of 10,000 for example, it will tell you exactly where your NFT ranks within that collection and will provide an estimate of value.

Degods Rarity Rankings Checker
Rarity checker for DeGods NFTs rankings on Solana via Hyperspace.

Hyperspace NFT (Solanalysis)

Hyperspace NFT (formerly Solanalysis) is the largest and most popular rarity tool on the Solana blockchain. Their platform has data from every Solana NFT from all Solana NFT Marketplaces to help you determine how rare your digital art is.

Their Solana NFT analysis dashboard also has a useful calendar that will give you dates and times for upcoming SOL mints. This will help you find the next Degods or OkayBears on the Solana network.

Best Solana NFT rarity checker tool - Hyperspace.

Alternative Solana Rarity Tools

With the boom occurring in the Solana NFT scene, there have been many useful NFT rarity checking tools that have been developed. The list below is a summary of some of the best Solana rarity tools available.

  1. HowRare Solana NFTs - Best alternative to Hyperspace (formerly Solanalysis).
  2. SolRarity App - Best alternative to track upcoming Solana NFT mints.
  3. RarityMon - Best alternative for Solana NFTs and multi-chain NFTs.

What are NFTs on Solana so Popular?

NFTs on Solana have gained popularity due to a combination of factors, with one of the main reasons being its scalability. As a high-performance blockchain, Solana can process up to 65,000 transactions per second, ensuring quick and efficient transactions for NFT trading. Additionally, Solana's low transaction fees make it more accessible and attractive to users, as they can trade NFTs without incurring high costs.

The ecosystem's user-friendly platforms, such as SolSea and Phantom, also contribute to its popularity, as they provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both new and experienced users. Finally, Solana's growing community of developers and artists has led to an influx of innovative NFT projects, attracting more users to the platform and further driving its popularity.


Final Thoughts

Hyperspace (formerly Solanalysis) is the top NFT rarity tool for Solana, offering an extensive user base and integration with numerous Solana NFTs for easy rarity determination. Solana's popularity for NFTs stems from its scalability, low transaction fees, user-friendly platforms, and a thriving community of developers and artists, leading to a surge in innovative NFT projects.