In this guide, we outline the best way to earn the Sei Network airdrop, which is an upcoming Layer 1 that is optimized for DeFi applications. Learn which applications to interact with to earn their airdrop which is 1% of the total supply of SEI tokens.

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How to be Eligible for Sei Airdrop

To be eligible for the Sei Network airdrop, users will need to participate in their incentivized testnet program. This incentivized testnet is designed to reward early community members who interact with the Layer 1 blockchain and the applications that are being deployed on the protocol.

The proof is outlined on the official Sei Network Twitter account announced to the public that they will be assigning 1% of the token supply to the incentivized testnet. Continue reading our guide to find which applications to use to earn your airdrop whitelist spot.

1. Bridge to Sei Network

The first step as always to earn an airdrop from a new Layer 1 blockchain is to bridge to the network. If you are looking to bridge to Sei Network from Ethereum or other popular blockchains like Polygon, BNB Chain or Arbitrum, you will need to use the Vortex Bridge. Simply connect your wallet, select the token you want to bridge and finalize your transaction to transfer tokens to the network.

Sei Network Bridge
Sei Network Bridge.

2. Trade on Vortex Protocol

Vortex Protocol is one of the first applications that has announced a partnership with the Sei Network. Investors can connect their Keplr or Cosmos wallet to the Vortex application and make a trade on their decentralized exchange (DEX) to earn tokens from the Sei Network airdrop.

Vortex Protocol DEX
Trade with Vortex Protocol.

3. Mint UXD Stablecoins

UXDProtocol is the first stablecoin application that has migrated to the Sei Network and is participating in their network incentivization scheme. To meet this eligibility requirement, users will need to visit the application to mint UXD stablecoins then stake it to the protocol. You can stake UXD stablecoins at

UXD Protocol Mint
Mint Stablecoins on UXD.

How to Get Sei Testnet Tokens

If you are interested in testing applications on the Sei Testnet (or Devnet), you will want to get Sei Testnet tokens from their official faucet. This is a way to acquire free tokens for the purpose of experimenting with and evaluating the network's features and functionalities without risking real funds. To obtain these tokens, follow the steps below:

  1. Join the Sei Discord Chat.
  2. Visit the #devnet-faucet channel.
  3. Request Sei tokens by entering your Sei Wallet address inthe chat.
  4. Sei testnet tokens will then be sent to your wallet in under 10 minutes.

What is Sei Network?

Sei Network is a new DeFi-specific blockchain deployed using the Cosmos SDK that is designed to enable an environment for custom-built DeFi applications. It offers in-built order matching engines, frontrunning protections and the fastest finality out of any blockchain in the Layer 1 space at 600ms. The combination of these optimisations make it the best smart contract platform for new financial products to emerge like high-throughput DEX's, sports betting platforms and more.

They also announced a $5 million raise from tier 1 venture capitalists such as Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Tangent XYZ, Delphi Digital, GSR, Flow Traders and more. You can read more about their raise here.

Final Thoughts

This blog post outlines how to earn the Sei Network airdrop, an upcoming Layer 1 blockchain optimized for DeFi applications. To be eligible, users must participate in the incentivized testnet program by interacting with the Layer 1 blockchain and its applications. Key steps include bridging to the Sei Network using the Vortex Bridge, trading on Vortex Protocol, and minting UXD stablecoins. Sei Network offers a fast and optimized environment for custom-built DeFi applications and has raised $5 million from top-tier venture capitalists.