Summary: Sam Trabucco (@AlamedaTrabucco) was the Co-CEO and CIO of Alameda Research, one of the largest quantitative trading firms and venture capital funds in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He used to run the firm alongside FTX Founder, Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison before its collapse in November of 2022. Sam Trabucco's estimated net worth is $500 million based on the venture investments made by Alameda. He retired from FTX before the collapse in July of 2022, and is now in international waters trying to remain out of the jurisdiction of US regulators.

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Sam Trabucco Background

Sam Trabucco, aged 31, is a significant yet controversial figure in the cryptocurrency world, particularly in the context of the scandal surrounding the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX and its affiliated trading firm, Alameda Research. He is the former co-CEO of Alameda Research, has been a part of one of the most significant fraud cases in U.S. history, as described by prosecutors. 

Before joining Alameda Research in March 2019, Sam had a background in mathematics and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as a trader at Susquehanna International Group. His mathematical skills and interest in gambling, including a reported proficiency in card counting, seem to have influenced his approach to trading and risk management. His professional career is marked by his involvement with various trading firms where he honed his skills in quantitative analysis.

His tenure at Alameda Research was marked by the firm's involvement in using billions of dollars of FTX customer funds, a critical factor that contributed to the collapse of both FTX and Alameda. This financial debacle left numerous customers facing substantial losses. Notably, during his time at Alameda Research, Sam also allegedly participated in a $150 million bribe to Chinese officials after China froze $1 billion of Alameda's assets.

He shared the co-CEO role with Caroline Ellison for ten months before resigning in August 2022. His departure occurred just before the implosion of FTX, which happened two months later under Ellison's sole leadership.

Sam Trabucco.
Sam Trabucco.

Sam Trabucco Net Worth

As of 2023, Sam Trabucco has an estimated net worth of $500 million, which is a significant drop from his all time high wealth of $2 billion. This figure is based off multiple sources online, such as Forbes and Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His financial gains during his time at Alameda Research are noteworthy. He reportedly amassed at least $25 million and acquired a luxury property portfolio, including multimillion-dollar properties in San Francisco and New York City, and a boat named 'Soak My Deck'. 

How Did Sam Trabucco Get Rich?

Sam Trabucco is a computer scientist and quantitative trader that has been working for top-tier trading firms in the United States and Asia. He has over 10 years of industry experience that ultimately built the foundation of his net worth and overall portfolio growth.

His largest boom from a net-worth perspective was when he joined Alameda Research as a trader in 2019, then grew to become the Co-CEO. 

What is Alameda Research?

Alameda Research is one of the largest principal trading firms in the world. Their team provides a wide range of services that includes OTC Quoting, Market Making, Trading, and much more. They also have a venture fund that has over 171 different investments including Voyager, NEAR, Solana, Robinhood, and many others. The firm has since collapsed due to allegations of fraud and theft, which has resulted in the CEO, SBF being arrested and extradited the USA.

Alameda Research.
Alameda Research.

Where is Sam Trabucco now?

‍Despite the magnitude of the scandal and his high-ranking position in the company, Sam has not faced criminal charges, unlike other members of SBF's inner circle. This absence of charges has led to speculation about his potential cooperation with prosecutors in the case against Sam Bankman-Fried, who denies the fraud allegations. 

The civil lawsuit filed in December 2022 accuses Trabucco of direct involvement in the fraudulent activities at FTX and Alameda. He, along with Ellison and two other employees, were described as Bankman-Fried's 'Inner Circle' in the lawsuit. The suit alleges that this group was complicit in the misuse of FTX customer funds and made several bad investments leading to the downfall of Alameda. 

It is said that he is currently trying to evade federal agents for his involvement in the FTX and Alameda Research collapse and has not made any public comments for months. He is believed to be somewhere off the coast of South America, though his exact whereabouts remain unknown. The fate of Sam Trabucco remains a mystery and his current location is still unknown.

Final Thoughts

To recap, Sam Trabucco has long been a respected figure in the quantitative trading industry, but his involvement with FTX and Alameda Research has recently landed him in hot water. With an estimated net worth of $500 million and investments that range from Voyager to Solana, Sam Trabucco is still one of the most successful traders in the world. Despite the ongoing legal battle, his long-term plans remain unknown, as his whereabouts are still a mystery. Only time will tell what happens to Sam Trabucco and his investments in the future.