Raoul Pal is a British investor, hedge fund manager, and business journalist. He is the founder and CEO of Real Vision Group, one of the world's largest macro-financial media companies.

As of June 2022, Raoul Pal's net worth is estimated to be over $300 million.

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Raoul Pal Background

Raoul Pal was born in 1968 in London, England. He attended Eton College and then went on to study economics at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. After graduation, he worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs for six years. He then left to pursue a career in hedge fund management.

Raoul Pal Biography

In 2000, Raoul Pal founded Global Macro Investor (GMI), a monthly subscription-based macroeconomic research service. GMI quickly gained a following among institutional investors and hedge fund managers. In 2009, he launched Real Vision Television (RVTV), an online video service that offers in-depth interviews with leading economists, central bankers, and investors.

How did Raoul Pal grow his Net Worth?

Raoul Pal's net worth is largely attributable to his successful career in investing and hedge fund management. He is a shrewd investor with a keen understanding of macroeconomic trends. His ability to identify opportunities and capitalize on them has made him one of the most successful investors in the world.

He also makes millions per year thanks to the Real Vision Group and its thousands of subscribers who pay for top-tier financial content.

Raoul Pal Twitter

Raoul Pal is also well-known for having a large following on Twitter. On Raoul Pal's Twitter account @RaoulGMI, he posts regular updates about the state of the market and other interest global financial news.

Here is a famous Twitter Thread from Raoul Pal about the state of digital asset markets that was posted in early February 2021 before the bull market.


Raoul Pal Ethereum Investments

Raoul is known for being a large Ethereum (ETH) bull, often stating that Ethereum makes up for the bulk of his net-worth and investment portfolio. Outside of Ethereum, Raoul is also bullish on Avalanche, Solana and a basket of other Layer 1 smart contract platforms.

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