In this review, we will overview the PooCoin App which is one of the most used Defi trading and analytics tool for on-chain investors and traders. The application is one of the leading analytics platforms that currently supports the Binance Smartchain, Polygon (MATIC) and KuChain (KCC) ecosystems.

PooCoin App Platform Highlights
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What is Poocoin?

PooCoin is a top-notch DeFi suite that offers a suite of features including a DEX, trading charts, liquidity tracking, wallet tracking and many more. The website indexes all token contracts on its supported networks and allows users to track transactions on a token in real-time. These include current buys and sells, largest buyers and sellers, market cap, liquidity and fees.

PooCoin ranks as the world’s most visited Defi analytics website with an average of 10 million visitors every month. When compared to DexTtools, PooCoin beats the ETH-centric DEX analyser by 3 million monthly visits. This only proves that PooCoin is a valuable tool in the DeFi industry. If you are getting into DeFi, PooCoin should be your number-one go-to for basic Defi analysis of a token.

PooCoin App for Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Why was PooCoin built?

At the birth of DeFi, DEXs became a popular option for trading tokens. But unlike centralized exchanges, it was almost impossible for traders to track buys or sell or even predict an entry with a chart. There was a need for a tool that tracks activities on a DEX and offers users the same experience gotten from using a centralized exchange.

PooCoin was introduced as an analysis tool for Pancakeswap; the largest and most liquid DEX on the Binance Smartchain. Over time, the website started supporting more blockchains like Polygon and KuCoin Chain and continues to add more platform's as their user base requests them.

Key Features of PooCoin App

PooCoin offers a suite of DeFi analytics tools for crypto natives to do deeper research on new tokens on BNB Chain, Polygon and KuCoin Chain. The 5 features below are the most popular tools on the platform and include PooCoin Charting, Multi Chart functionality, Token Swap Widget, Wallet Tracking and the Telegram Price Bot.

PooCoin Charting

This is the most significant feature of the website. The chart helps traders in analysing the buy and sell activities of a token. PooCoin integrates the core analytics of BSCscan block explorer which allows it to show the real-time price and transactions of any token. Most tokens are usually paired to BNB (on the BSC network), this means that the prices of the token are displayed relatively to BNB.

PooCoin Charting

Aside from reading candles, analysing the buy and sell behaviour of a contract and checking the real-time price of a token, the PooCoin chart dashboard also reveals more information about a token. These includes:

  1. Liquidity: Liquidity refers to the ease with which a token can be traded for another. PooCoin keeps track of the LP tokens as well as the amount of liquidity. This helps investors and traders calculate their risks before purchasing any token. Tokens with higher liquidity tend to be less volatile than tokens with low liquidity.
  2. Reading Contracts: Though PooCoin is not a perfect contract analyser by itself, the tool does help investors detect honeypots. By pasting a token contract on PooCoin, a trader gets to see the DEX transactions of that token and also its liquidity level. Contracts with closed liquidity are easily spotted by the websites and this saves traders from buying honey-potted tokens. For a more detailed contract analysis, PooCoin syncs a contract address to the BSCscan block explorer.
  3. Transactions: Have you ever wanted to know which wallet is buying a token and which is selling? PooCoin provides data on all the DEX transactions of a token; from the buys, sells, biggest holders and token dumpers (biggest sellers). This leads directly to the recent transactions on the block scanner.

Multi Chart

This is another prior feature that makes PooCoin a great tool. Tracking the candle movement of one token is cool, but what’s better is being able to track up to nine tokens simultaneously. This feature is extremely useful to investors who are trying to keep up with the price movement of their favourite tokens. Rather than opening nine different tabs, Multi Chart allows users to have an overview in one tab.

Token Swap Widget

PooCoin makes it easier for DeFi traders to buy their tokens while viewing the chart. Users wouldn’t need to refer to any DEX as they can readily swap their tokens on PooCoin. Traders can swap any token they want to except tokens with closed liquidity.

Wallet Tracking

PooCoin reveals the total balance in a user’s wallet in the value of USD. Sometimes users might receive some scam tokens as airdrops which could value up to $1000. If a user didn’t purchase such a token, it is advisable to ignore it as that could be a dusting attack.

Telegram Price Bots

Telegram is a social media platform that is becoming more of a dome for DeFi analysts. Poocoin’s free price bot helps users check the prices of tokens in blockchains supported by PooCoin. The bot can be configured to suit the need of the user.

Other PooCoin Tools

Aside from offering a chart, a transaction tracker, a wallet balance tracker and price bot, PooCoin offers a variety of research tools that can be used when investing in a token. Some of these tools include:

  1. Sniper Watcher: Sometimes a token might be botted. This means that there are pending others waiting to be executed even before the token is open for public trading. Tokens that are botted are prone to pumps and dumps and this would leave slow buyers and sellers at a disadvantage. The sniper watcher helps traders check if a token launch is about to be botted.
  2. Rug Checker: It’s better not to invest at all than invest and lose your money on a rugged project. Reports from Statista prove that over $20 billion has been lost to rugs and scams. PooCoin battles this defect by building a rug checker. Users would need to input a contract address and watch PooCoin do its magic.
  3. New token scanner: Every minute, new tokens are deployed on the blockchain. PooCoin provides data on new token deployment. On the website; traders are advised to search for the token name on Telegram, check the contract for mint function and also the liquidity of the token.
PooCoin Sniper Watcher.

How to use PooCoin

Using PooCoin is a very simple concept, all you need is a supported wallet. These include; Trust wallet, Metamask, WalletConnect and Binance Chain wallet. Once you’ve got your wallet connected, paste the contract of the token you want to trade or analyse on the website. From the site, you would be able to access all the features listed in this article.

PooCoin Premium

While the major part of PooCoin is free and accessible to all, some features are reserved for premium users. The premium plans are divided into tiers and users would need to buy and hold at least $100 worth of POOCOIN/BNB LP to gain access. Each tier offers its unique feature which is an advanced copy of the free version features.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, PooCoin is a powerful DeFi analytics tool that offers a suite of features that make it easier for traders and investors to track their tokens on different blockchains. With over 10 million monthly visitors, PooCoin has become one of the most popular DeFi analytics websites in the world. Its key features include the PooCoin chart, multi chart functionality, token swap widget, wallet tracking, and Telegram price bot.

Additionally, PooCoin offers a range of research tools such as the sniper watcher, rug checker, and new token scanner to help users make informed investment decisions. While most of PooCoin's features are free, premium features are available for users who hold at least $100 worth of POOCOIN/BNB LP. Overall, PooCoin is a valuable tool for anyone interested in DeFi and looking to gain deeper insights into the token market.