Key Takeaway: Optimism launched their $OP token through a community airdrop that was distributed to users of their Layer 2 network. You can see whether you are eligible to claim OP tokens here.

There is a total of 248,700 addresses eligible for the Optimism Airdrop. The average airdrop amount for the OP distribution is 1,100 $OP tokens.

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Optimism Airdrop Background

The Optimism Foundation Airdrop #1 is a community distribution event that rewards early users of the Optimism Layer 2 network. This is the first major L2 to launch their token with competitors like Arbitrum yet to announce their airdrop.

The Optimism airdrop has six sets of criteria that determine distribution weightings. If your address is in more than 1 category, a multiplier effect is added which will boost your OP airdrop.

Optimism Airdrop Allocations
Optimism Airdrop Allocations via the Optimism Official Docs.

Optimism Airdrop Definitions & Claim

The information below is the technical definitions of each criterion for transparency with the community:

  • Optimism Users: Users who bridged to Optimism L1 before June 23, 2021.
  • Repeat Optimism Users: Users who used Optimism for 4 unique weeks.
  • DAO Voters: Addresses who have voted on any proposals on-chain.
  • Multi-Sig Signers: Addresses that have executed 10 multisig transactions.
  • Gitcoin Donors: Users who have donated to Gitcoin.
Claim Optimism Airdrop
You can check here to see if you are eligible for the Optimism Airdrop.

Optimism Sybil Attack Filtering

Optimism has created a smart contract that filters 'Sybil Attacks' from bots trying to farm the OP Airdrop tokens. Their filter excluded over 17,000 addresses that were deemed to be bots and redeemed over 14m OP tokens as a result. This redemption was then redistributed to the rest of the community.

Optimism (OP) Price USD

The chart below is the live price of the Optimism (OP) token in USD.

About Optimism

The Optimism L2 is a Layer 2 solution that uses optimistic rollups to improve the scalability of Ethereum. Optimistic rollups use an algorithm to compress multiple transactions into a single data structure, which can be verified by the main chain. This allows for many more transactions to be processed off-chain, without sacrificing security.

Layer 2 solutions are designed to help blockchain networks scale by moving some of the compute-intensive tasks off-chain. This can help reduce congestion on the main chain, and improve overall performance.

If you want to move your assets from Ethereum to Optimism, you can read our ETH to OP Bridging guide.