Metamask vs Coinbase Wallet

Metamask vs Coinbase Wallet

Andrew Chen
Fact Checked
Sep 29, 2022

The Metamask Wallet and Coinbase Wallet are the two most popular Web 3 wallets in the world. Both crypto wallets allow users to seamlessly interact with the Metaverse of applications being built on the blockchain through DeFi, GameFi and NFTs.

So, how do you decide which is the best of the two? We recommend the Metamask Wallet for most users around the world because it connects to the most blockchains,  has cheaper fees and is more secure.

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Platform Highlights

  • Trusted by 30 million DeFi, NFT & GameFi users worldwide.
  • Supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible networks.
  • Best overall user experience for Chrome, Mozilla, iOS & Android users.

Metamask and Coinbase Comparison

The table below is a high-level comparison of Coinbase Wallet vs Metamask Wallet to highlight the key features of each platform. Our findings concluded that Metamask was the superior wallet based on the factors outlined below.

Coinbase Wallet vs Metamask Wallet
Coinbase Wallet
Metamask Wallet vs Coinbase
Metamask Wallet
Supported Chains All EVM Compatible Networks (except AVAX Subnets) All EVM Compatible Networks
DEX Fees 0.1 - 0.2% 0.6%
Year Founded 2021 2016
Decentralized Coinbase Wallet decentralized Metamask Wallet decentralized
NFT Wallet nft wallet coinbase Metamask NFT
Cryptocurrency Staking Coinbase wallet staking Metamask Staking
Support Team Image Image
Overall Rating Image Image

Coinbase vs Metamask DEX Fees

The Coinbase Wallet offers an in-built DEX that allows you to seamlessly swap between most assets in DeFi. This feature is the most expensive DEX on the market, with fees of up to 1% and gas fees exceeding $120 USD a swap (even when on-chain fees are low!).

The Metamask DEX in their wallet only charges 0.25% per swap in comparison. This makes Metamask 4x cheaper than Coinbase Wallet.

Supported Blockchains

Metamask Wallet supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains which include: Ethereum, Avalanche, Avalanche Subnets, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and many others. It is the most well-connected Web 3 wallet and supports the most blockchains by far.

Coinbase Wallet also offers support to all EVM compatible blockchains, however they do not offer support for Avalanche Subnets.

The Coinbase Wallet iOS and Android App.

Coinbase vs Metamask NFT Wallet

Both Coinbase and Metamask provide the same NFT Wallet experience. The user experience between Web 3 wallets does not deviate much for NFTs because you are connecting to third-party platforms like OpenSea or Rarible.

When you buy NFTs on Coinbase or Metamask Wallet, you are buying a token that gets stored in your Web 3 wallet. The display only varies when you connect your wallet to different marketplaces and applications that can interact with the NFTs in your wallet.

Final Verdict: Metamask or Coinbase?

The Metamask Wallet is an overall better wallet when compared to Coinbase because it connects to more blockchains, offers lower fees and a more secure experience. Coinbase Wallet has only been live for a year, whereas Metamask has been around since 2016 - making it the most battle-tested Web 3 wallet.

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