In this comprehensive KekChain guide, we overview why this popular new EVM-compatible Layer 1 protocol has taken the crypto ecosystem by storm. Learn about the platform's most used DeFi applications and how to bridge to get started.

Table of Contents

What is KekChain?

KekChain is a secure Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer 1 blockchain designed to support scaleable and fast transactions for decentralized finance applications. The platform is centred around the pepe meme and is classified as a meme coin, competing with other meme-based protocols like Dogechain and Shiba Inu.

KekChain: A Secure DeFi Protocol for Frens and Frogs.

What DeFi Applications are on KekChain

The KeKChain network is still nascent, with only four DeFi applications currently deployed according to the multi-chain analytics tool Dexscreener. The platforms below are the top 4 decentralized finance applications native to KekChain ordered by most value-locked:

  1. Kek Stash Club
  2. FROG
  3. Babykek

How to Bridge to KekChain

KekChain has launched a native bridge that allows users to bridge assets from Shiba Inu Chain, Ethereum mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. The best way to bridge to the platform is by sending ETH or WETH from any of these networks to KekChain, because it is the most liquid pair. You can follow their tweet updated below to bridge your assets to the network.

How to add KekChain to MetaMask

To add KekChain to your MetaMask wallet, you will need to add the verified RPC information to your list of MetaMask networks. The information below are the verified RPC endpoints for KekChain to get started.

Is KekChain Safe?

KekChain was deployed by a completely anonymous team , which could be considered a red flag by some. However, the protocol has been audited by well-known firms like Quantstamp and Certik, and no major vulnerabilities have been found. The platform also employs 24/7 security monitoring to identify and respond to any potential threats. Overall, KekChain seems to be a secure protocol with a strong commitment to security.

Final Thoughts

KekChain is a Layer 1 protocol with a lot of potential. The platform is still very new, but it has already seen some adoption in the form of DeFi applications. The native bridge makes it easy to get started, and the platform's commitment to security gives users peace of mind. If you're looking to get involved in the meme coin space, KekChain is a great option.