In this guide, we deep dive into the background of il Capo of Crypto (@CryptoCapo_) who is one of the most widely followed analysts in the crypto space. Learn about his background, history of calls and more.

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Who is il Capo of Crypto?

Il Capo of Crypto (@CryptoCapo_) on Twitter is an anonymous trader and analyst that has been in the market since 2017. He gained a lot of popularity in 2023 after successfully calling the top of the crypto market in early 2022 due to the forthcoming interest rate hikes.  This call alone gained him immense respect in the industry and helped many of his followers protect their wealth by selling BTC around the $50,000 USD level.

That said, he has recently been under fire for being bearish toward the bottom of the bear market and has since taken a break from commentary in the Crypto markets.

il Capo of Crypto Telegram

il Capo of Crypto also has a large and public telegram group @CryptoCapoTG where he more frequently posts his technical analysis. The group currently has over 67,705 subscribers that actively track and trade Capo's calls.

What does il Capo focus on?

Il Capo mainly looks at macro level economic trends and fundamentals to help inform his trading decisions. He pays close attention to global events like central bank actions, political changes, geopolitical developments, and other current events that could affect the crypto market. He also looks at technical indicators like trading volume, price movements, and chart patterns to help inform his calls.

What is il Capo’s Net Worth?

Capo's net worth is unknown because he remains anonymous. He also does not post trades and trade sizing, which gives rise to a lot of skepticism around his legitimacy.

What have been il Capo’s biggest calls?

Il Capo’s biggest calls include accurately calling the top of the crypto market in early 2022, successfully predicting Bitcoin’s halving event in May 2020, and correctly forecasting Ethereum’s price surge in April 2021. He was also one of the first analysts to spot the potential for a bull market leading up to 2021, which proved to be one of the most profitable periods in crypto history. In addition, he has made numerous successful calls on altcoins like Solana, Aptos and Cardano.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, il Capo of Crypto is one of the most widely followed analysts in the crypto space due to his historical accuracy and methodical approach. He has made numerous successful calls in the past and continues to provide valuable insight into the crypto markets. We highly recommend following him if you’re looking for a trusted source of market analysis.