How to use Binance Bridge

How to use Binance Bridge

Andrew Chen
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Nov 9, 2022

Key Takeaways: Binance decommissioned the Binance Bridge earlier this year and released the Binance Bridge 2.0, which is natively built into the exchange. This means you do not have to create a third-party decentralized wallet like Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

In this guide, we outline how to use the Binance Bridge to easily transfer assets to different networks.

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How to Use the Binance Bridge

The Binance Bridge 2.0 is a more integrated and easy-to-use bridge than its predecessor because it can be accessed directly through your Binance account.

If you are a Binance user looking to bridge assets from your account, you can get started in 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign into your Binance account.
  2. Find the asset in your Spot Wallet that you want to bridge.
  3. Select the 'Network' button to choose the network you want to bridge to.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal and process the transaction.
Binance Bridge
Binance Bridge - Bridging ETH to different networks.

Binance Bridge Fees

The fees to bridge assets on Binance are significantly cheaper than decentralized alternatives like Synapse or Stargate. That said, the fees do vary and depend on the network activity and on-chain fees.

The average fees to bridge on Binance are:

  • Bridge for Ethereum - $2
  • Bridge for BNB Smart Chain - $0.08
  • Bridge for Arbitrum - $0.01

Can I Bridge to Binance with MetaMask?

Yes, you can bridge to Binance with funds on a MetaMask wallet through a trusted decentralized exchange. We recommend using the Synapse Protocol because they support the most networks that can bridge assets to Binance including Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, Polygon and others.

You can find a list of our Binance Bridging guides below:

Is the BNB Bridge Safe?

The Binance Bridge is a safe and easy way to bridge your assets from one network to another. However, as with any centralized service, there are some risks associated with using it. The main risk with using the Binance Bridge is that you are trusting Binance to custody your assets while they are being transferred. This means that if Binance were to be hacked or experience any other type of security breach, your assets could be at risk.

Another risk to consider is that Binance could choose to freeze your account or otherwise prevent you from accessing your assets. While this is unlikely, it is something to keep in mind if you are planning on using the Binance Bridge to transfer large amounts of assets.

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