How to buy SaitaRealty on SaitaMask

How to buy SaitaRealty on SaitaMask

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September 28, 2022
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Summary: The only way to buy the token SaitaRealty is by downloading SaitaMask, the Saitama ecosystem Wallet. SaitaMask has an inbuilt DEX that allows you to buy SaitRealty directly through the wallet. SaitaMask is an application that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

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SaitaMask Overview

Platform Highlights

  • Most popular DeFi wallet for Saitama Inu community.
  • SaitaMask was released and deployed by the SAITAMA core team.
  • SaitaMask supports Android, iOS and Web Browesers.
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

What is SaitaRealty?

SaitaRealty is the first ecosystem partner and token for the Saitama Inu ecosystem. SaitRealty is designed to bring the Web3 approach to real world real estate by creating a DAO that will subsidise new Zero-Emission Homes for homes, office buildings, condominiums and more.

The SaitaRealty token will distribute revenue that the property generates to token holders. The revenue distribution scheme for SaitaRealty is as follows:

  • 50% for franchising and operations expansion
  • 25% redistribution for stakers
  • 25% for charity & philanthropy
  • 25% for affordable housing
Token Distribution
SaitaRealty Token Distribubtion.

How to buy SaitaRealty token

If you are looking at buying the new SaitaRealty token in the Saitama ecosystem, you will need to download the application SaitaMask. Follow this simple guide below to get started:

  1. Visit SaitaRealty.
  2. Download SaitaMask on iOS or Android.
  3. Send SAITAMA tokens to your new SaitaMask wallet address.
  4. Swap SAITAMA tokens for SaitaRealty tokens.
How to Buy SaitaRealty Crypto.
How to Buy SaitaRealty Crypto.

SaitaMask Mobile App

SaitaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet built and designed by the Saitama Inu project. It was made to hold SAITAMA tokens amongst many others aswell as launch and store the token SaitaRealty. The application is rated 4.1 stars from 4.7K ratings on the Apple store and 3.5 stars from 10K reviews on the Google Play store.

SaitaMask Wallet
SaitaMask Wallet.

Is SaitaRealty Safe?

While Saitama Inu is a very popular community coin, the SaitaRealty token seems a lot more volatile and risky. The details of the SaitaRealty token are incredibly ambiguous and on review of their website, there are a lot of errors to be found.

We are no suggesting that SaitaRealty is a rugpull, but definitely be cautious in engaging with this token and make sure to research this project properly before investing money.

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