In this guide, we overview the easiest way to bridge or transfer assets from any blockchain to the Terra and Terra Classic networks.

For users looking to get started quickly, we recommend the Portal Bridge which allows you to bridge ETH, WLUNA and other tokens to the Terra blockchain.

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How to Bridge to Terra or Terra Classic

The fastest and safest way to bridge to the Terra LUNA or Terra Classic network is through a trusted cross-chain DEX. The best Terra bridge is Portal, which allows users to transfer ETH, WLUNA, USDC and other tokens from 20 different networks.

You can get started with this simple 4-step guide:

  • Step 1: Visit Portal Bridge and connect your MetaMask or alternative wallet.
  • Step 2: Select the source chain you want to bridge from and Terra or Terra Classic as your target.
  • Step 3: Select the token you want to bridge and the destination address.
  • Step 4: Review and confirm the transaction. Tokens will arrive in under 5 minutes.
Bridging from Ethereum to Terra or Terra Classic.

Terra Bridging Fees

The fees to bridge to the Terra blockchain will depend on your source network, which means the blockchain you are transferring assets from. On average, Ethereum to Terra bridging costs around $10 with some variance depending on gas fees. If you are bridging from NEAR, Solana, Polygon or another low-fee Layer 1, it is under $1.

What is Terra LUNA?

Terra is a Layer 1 blockchain that was previously centred around the stablecoin UST, before its eventual de-pegging and collapse. Terra has now started to focus on gaining more adoption among developers to deploy DeFi applications outside of stablecoin and interest savings products. Their ecosystem is vibrant and growing, with great yields for on-chain natives.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to bridge or move assets from any other blockchain to Terra, Portal is the best and most secure option currently on the market. It has support for major EVM chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon as well as non-EVM networks such as NEAR, Algorand and Solana.  Once you make the transfer, your tokens will arrive in under 5 minutes. Portal is backed by Jump Crypto and other Tier 1 VCs, so you can trust that it’s secure and reliable.