Summary: This guide outlines the fastest and easiest way to add the Moonriver network to a Metamask wallet. Simply copy the RPC details listed below to the Metamask Add Networks form. Get started now and complete this process within 2 minutes!

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Can I add the Moonriver network to a Web3 wallet?

Yes, Moonriver is an EVM-compatible network therefore it can be added to the Metamask Web3 Wallet. The process is simple and straightforward, simply download the Metamask extension and add it to your browser to begin.

How to Add Moonriver to Metamask

After you have downloaded the Metamask extension and created an account you will then need to add the Moonriver RPC details to it. When you add RPC details to Metamask it allows access to a server node on the selected network and allows you to communicate and interact with that blockchain. Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Open your Metamask and 'Add Networks' on the Networks drop down menu.
  2. Copy the below RPC details into the Metamask 'Add Networks Form'.
  3. Press 'Save' and go to your Metamask extension to see the network.
Metamask Add a Network Form.
Metamask Add a Network Form.

Moonriver RPC Details

The following details are the verified Moonriver RPC Details, to check these details verification, you can visit the Moonriver whitepaper/docs.

What is Moonriver?

Moonriver is a sister network to Moonbeam and serves as a community-led parachain on the Kusama network. Both Moonbeam and Moonriver provide Ethereum-compatible environments, allowing developers to use Ethereum-based tools, dApps, and protocols with minimal modifications. Moonriver mirrors Ethereum's Web3 RPC, keys, logs, subscriptions, accounts, and more, which significantly reduces the changes needed to run existing Solidity smart contracts on its blockchain.

Moonriver is designed to act as a canary network for Moonbeam, enabling developers to test and experiment with new features and upgrades in a real-world environment before implementing them on the more stable Moonbeam network. Being a part of the Kusama ecosystem, Moonriver benefits from Kusama's security, interoperability, and cross-chain capabilities.

Moonriver Home Page.
Moonriver Home Page.

Final Thoughts

In summary, adding the Moonriver network to your Metamask wallet is a fast and straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using the provided RPC details, you can easily integrate Moonriver into your Web3 wallet within just a couple of minutes. This seamless connection enables you to take advantage of Moonriver's Ethereum-like environment and interact with a variety of EVM-compatible tools, dApps, and protocols.