Summary: Moonriver is renowned for its exceptional interoperability with prominent wallets such as MetaMask. Users can easily link to Moonriver through ChainList, a comprehensive aggregator of EVM-compatible networks, streamlining the journey into various blockchain applications. ChainList offers verified RPC information for each Ethereum-based mainnet and testnet.

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Can I Add Moonriver to MetaMask?

Yes, integrating Moonriver with MetaMask is straightforward, thanks to ChainList. As an innovative Layer-1 network, it is dedicated to enhancing the creation of decentralized applications. It provides a scalable and accessible platform, maintaining the essential decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology. Developers value the ease of incorporating Ethereum-based projects into Moonriver’s ecosystem, which amplifies its appeal in the blockchain community.

How to Add Moonriver to MetaMask

Moonriver can be easily integrated into your MetaMask wallet using ChainList, a widely used blockchain network aggregator. This ensures a secure and efficient link to Moonriver's Layer-1 network, enhancing your interaction with blockchain technologies. The process is quick and straightforward.

Here are the steps to connect Moonriver with your wallet:

  1. Visit the ChainList website and connect it to your wallet.
  2. Utilize the search feature to find Moonriver among the listed networks.
  3. Select the 'Add to MetaMask' option. MetaMask will then automatically add Moonriver's network details to your wallet's settings.
How to Add Moonriver to MetaMask.
Add Moonriver to MetaMask via ChainList.

Moonriver RPC Details

Outlined here are the confirmed RPC endpoints for integrating Moonriver into your MetaMask wallet. This data has been thoroughly reviewed by our team for accuracy. For your own verification, you can consult the official Moonriver documentation.

About Moonriver

Moonriver is a sister network to Moonbeam and serves as a community-led parachain on the Kusama network. Both Moonbeam and Moonriver provide EVM-compatible environments, allowing developers to use Ethereum-based tools, dApps, and protocols with minimal modifications. Moonriver mirrors Ethereum's Web3 RPC, keys, logs, subscriptions, accounts, and more, which significantly reduces the changes needed to run existing Solidity smart contracts on its blockchain.

It is designed to act as a canary network for Moonbeam, enabling developers to test and experiment with new features and upgrades in a real-world environment before implementing them on the more stable Moonbeam network. Being a part of the Kusama ecosystem, Moonriver benefits from Kusama's security, interoperability, and cross-chain capabilities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Moonriver's integration with MetaMask, facilitated by ChainList, exemplifies its commitment to enhancing user experience in the blockchain domain. Its straightforward connectivity and adherence to Ethereum standards make it a valuable tool for developers and users alike, bridging the gap between EVM compatibility and the innovative Kusama network. Moonriver, as a versatile and developer-friendly platform, not only streamlines blockchain application development but also serves as a crucial testing ground for new features destined for Moonbeam.