In this guide, we take a deep dive into the FIFA+ Collect platform, which allows fans to own and collect official FIFA World Cup NFTs and digital collectables.

The new NFT Marketplace and NFT Collection is an official release by FIFA and is deployed on the Algorand Blockchain, giving fans a fast and affordable way to collect digital moments from the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA Plus Collect Overview
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What is FIFA Plus Collect?

FIFA+ Collect is a decentralized public blockchain that is built on the Algorand Blockchain that will allow football fans around the world to collect rare NFTs from the FIFA World Cup. The platform is similar to NBA Top Shots, where fans will be able to collect rare videos and moments from the upcoming World Cup through opening randomized packs that can be bought on the blockchain.

How do I Sign Up to FIFA Plus Collect?

Signing up to FIFA Plus Collect is easy and does not require personal identification or other advanced KYC processes. All you need to do is visit FIFA+ Collect and sign up with an email address and password, then you're ready to start collecting rare packs!

How much is a FIFA Plus Pack?

The only available pack before the FIFA World Cup goes live is the Genesis Pack. These are currently selling for $4.99 per pack, which gives investors 3 randomly selected highlights from previous World Cups. As at the time of writing, over 130,000 packs have been claimed on the FIFA Collect platform.

The payment methods available to buy a FIFA Pack are either with a Debit Card or Credit Card, or a USDC-A crypto transfer on the Algorand blockchain.

FIFA+ Collect Pack
FIFA+ Collect Genesis Drop.

What are FIFA Plus Collect NFTs Worth?

The average resell price of a FIFA Plus Collect NFT is around $10, which means investors are nearly quadrupling their money when opening packs. Some of the most rare FIFA NFTs are selling on the marketplace for over $10,000, making it one of the most lucrative sport digital collectibles for football fans.

Is the FIFA NFT Marketplace Safe?

The FIFA NFT Marketplace is powered by the Algorand blockchain, which is one of the most secure and performant blockchains in the world. All transactions on FIFA+ Collect are transparent and recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that all users have a safe and trustless experience when buying or selling NFTs.

Final Thoughts

While the FIFA+ Collect NFT Marketplace is not highly discussed right now, we believe this will be a hugely popular series of digital collectables as we move closer to the World Cup.  With over 3 billion football fans around the world, there is a huge potential user base for this product, and we believe it has the potential to become one of the most popular NFT platforms in the world.