Ethereum (ETH) to Optimism Bridge

Ethereum (ETH) to Optimism Bridge

If you are looking to bridge to the Optimism Layer 2 network from Ethereum, you have found the right guide.

As a quick summary, we recommend the Synapse Protocol to transfer between ETH and OP because they are the most trusted and secure cross-chain bridge,

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Platform Highlights

  • Fastest and cheapest ETH to Optimism Bridge.
  • Lowest fees and tightest slippage on cross-chain swaps.
  • Largest and most secure cross-chain DEX.
Synapse - ETH to Optimism
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

How to bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to Optimism

The best way to bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to the Optimism L2 is through a cross-chain DEX like Synapse Protocol. Their platform allows you to bridge ETH, or stablecoins like USDC or USDT for the lowest fees on market.

Follow this step-by-step guide to transfer your funds to Optimism from ETH.

  1. Visit the Synapse Protocol and sign with Metamask or another Web3 Wallet.
  2. Select ETH as your current network & Optimism as your destination network.
  3. Input the token you want to bridge to Optimism (ETH, USDC, USDT or DAI).
  4. Confirm the details and process the transaction. Your funds will arrive on Optimism in under 2 minutes.
ETH to Optimism Bridge
Bridging 0.03 ETH to Optimism via Synapse Protocol.

Add Optimism Network to Metamask Wallet

If you want to manually add the Optimism Network to your Metamask Wallet, you will need to input the RPC details in your wallet Settings. The following information is the verified Optimism Network RPC information:

Bridging fees from ETH to Optimism

The bridging fees from Ethereum to Optimismtic Ethereum can be up to $100 depending on the demand for block-space on the ETH network. With that said, Synapse Protocol is up to 30% cheaper than most other bridges thanks to their innovative interoperability DEX that minimizes slippage across networks.

About Optimism

Optimism is a scaling solution for Ethereum that uses an optimistic rollup to scale transactions and reduce costs. It is being developed by the team at Optimism.io, which is led by former Ethereum Foundation researcher Alex dedicated to building layer 2 solutions on Ethereum.


The Optimism protocol allows users to interact with dapps and smart contracts on Ethereum while keeping their data off-chain. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of decentralization without sacrificing speed or scalability. The team is also working on several other scaling solutions, including a Plasma implementation and a sharding solution.

The layer 2 scaling solution is currently live on mainnet and has an incentives program to help attract total value locked. The Optimism network has over $1 billion in value being utilised on applications on their protocol which includes AAVE, Synthetix, Velodrome, Lyra and others.

Final Thoughts

Using Synapse Protocol is the best way to bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to Optimistic Ethereum. Their advanced DEX platform provides users with low fees, fast transactions and secure transfers of tokens between networks. With their support of stablecoins like USDC, USDT and DAI, there’s never been a better time to cross-chain bridge to the Optimism L2.

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