Summary: In this walkthrough we guide you through how to bridge from the Ethereum Network to Harmony One using Synapse, a multi-bridging protocol.

Synapse allows you to connect your hot wallet (Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet & Binance Smart Chain Wallet) to their protocol and bridge the funds on your wallet between multiple networks.

Best Ethereum to Harmony Bridge
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Bridge Ethereum (ETH) to Harmony One

If you’re looking to bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Harmony One, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we compare two of the only bridging protocols to allow Ethereum to Harmony One bridge. There are only two safe options for bridging between the two networks and that is Synapse, a popular DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that offers bridging services and the Harmony One bridging protocol.

When comparing the two dapps to determine which is better, you need to consider the fees that are involved, the security they provide, the bridging transaction time and the customer support available on their respective platforms. We have compare the two and have come to the conclusion that Synapse is the better platform. 

Synapse Home Page
Synapse: The world's largest cross-chain exchange.

Synapse vs Harmony One Bridge

Synapse takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete bridging between the two networks which is incredibly fast considering most bridging protocols (Harmony One included) take anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes to complete. 

In Addition to speed, Synapse offers considerably lower fees, charging only $1USD to transact on their platform. They also offer 0% slippage when sending their native token, SYN between networks, if you want to send stable coins, slippage starts as little as 0.06%. Meaning if you send $100 from Ethereum you will receive $99.9 on Harmony One. The only fee you need to consider is the gas fee for bridging and that will be typically around $6-$10USD which is significantly cheaper than the Harmony One bridging protocol. 

Lastly, the Harmony One bridging protocol does not offer live customer service and can only be reached via email. Whereas Synapse offers 24/7 Live Support via Telegram, Discord & Twitter

How to Bridge from ETH to Harmony One

In the example below we use $SYN (Synapse’s native token) as the sending/receiving cryptocurrency but it's important to note that you can also bridge USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH & FRAX.

Follow this simple guide to get started:

  1. Visit the Synapse Protocol and connect your Crypto Wallet
  2. Select the bridge tab and Ethereum & Harmony as your two chains
  3. Input the amount of tokens you want to bridge
  4. Confirm the transaction and your tokens will arrive cross-chain within a minute
Eth - Harmony One Bridge Synapse
Swapping 100 SYN tokens from Ethereum (ETH) to Harmony (ONE) with Synapse.

Eth to Harmony One Bridging Fees

When bridging your tokens between networks, there are two fees you need to take into consideration. They are the network transaction fee and the gas bridging fee. On most major Dapps (Decentralized Applications) you would pay around $50USD to bridge from Ethereum to Harmony One.

However, if you bridge $SYN from Ethereum to Harmony One you are looking at around $10 - $15USD in total to complete. The reason for the low costs is because Synapse incentivises their users to purchase SYN for low transaction costs and 0% slippage.

Synapse Native Token $SYN

Synapse has a native token (SYN) and when you bridge this token between networks, Synapse will only charge you 1 SYN for the transaction fee and offers 0% slippage. When bridging on their DEX we recommend using their token, SYN as it’s the most affordable option.

To purchase SYN all you need to do is visit a dex such as SushiSwap, connect your Metamask Wallet and swap ETH (or any token) for SYN.

Final Thoughts

Synapse is the most reliable and cost-effective way to bridge between Ethereum and Harmony One. They offer fast transactions, low fees, 0% slippage (when sending SYN token) and 24/7 customer support via Telegram, Discord & Twitter. If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to bridge tokens from one network to another, Synapse is the answer.

The team at Synapse are continuously working on new features and protocols to make bridging between networks not only faster but also more secure. We look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future!