Best Cardano NFT Projects: Top 5 for 2022

Best Cardano NFT Projects: Top 5 for 2022

Sara White
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Jun 22, 2022

Cardano is widely regarded to have one of the largest communities when it comes to Smart Contract Platforms. This makes the NFT or non-fungible token design a perfect fit for Cardano as they ultimately enable communities to tokenize and co-ordinate around the asset.

That said, Cardano’s on-chain community is still nascent due to some hiccups in deploying their blockchain to a state that would replicate the Ethereum Virtual Machine from a user experience perspective. This means that there are very few active NFT projects on the network.

The list below provides a high-level overview of the 5 best Cardano NFT Projects that are live.

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Platform Highlights

1. Dracards

Dracards is an incredibly ambitious Trading Card Game (TCG) and Play to Earn NFT created by gamers, for gamers. The overarching goal of Dracards is to structure a tokenomics design that benefits the entire ecosystem of early collectors, players and investors. 

These cards can currently be purchased via the secondary marketplace or from Booster Packs on the Dracards platform. 

2. ADA Domains

ADA Domains is the first domain based project that has been deployed on the Cardano blockchain. ADA Domains is incredibly similar in design to ENS Domains, which ultimately allows users of the Cardano blockchain to build a .ada address. 

As an example, if my name was Dylan - I could purchase a dylan.ada domain from ADA Domains that would replace my current wallet address. This means you can send and receive cardano from the dylan.ada address!

3. CardanoKidz

CardanoKidz is another popular PFP NFT style project that consists of a limited supply totalling 80 NFTs. The reason why this collection is popular is due to the fact that it was one of the earlier projects minted on the Cardano blockchain. 

Old projects typically fetch a premium due to their historical significance, think CryptoPunks or CryptoKitties as examples.

4. SpaceBudz

SpaceBudz was the first live NFT that was minted within the Cardano metaverse. The project consists of 10,000 NFTs that are unique astronauts. SpaceBudz NFT owners also get a say in the governance and direction of the project. There are rumors that this project will receive an airdrop of tokens for NFT holders in the very near future.

5. Yummi Universe

Yummi is a collectable series of NFT artworks that are 3D modeled and are a very high standard from purely an art perspective. The team are looking to build out a universe or metaverse of Yummi Creatures that will have a similar design to Pokemon or Digimon in its gameplay.

How to buy Cardano NFT Projects

In order to buy Cardano NFT projects, you will need to firstly bridge to their blockchain. To bridge to Cardano, you need to firstly visit the Cardano website and download the Daedalus Wallet. With the Daedalus Wallet, you can transfer your assets from Ethereum to start investing in Cardano native assets.

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