Summary: VietinBank does not offer services for cryptocurrency transactions within its broad financial offerings. For those in Vietnam wishing to delve into Bitcoin and other assets, transferring VND from your account to a reputable digital currency exchange is the advised path. Once your funds have been deposited, they can be used to buy and trade a wide range of tokens.

In our detailed examination of available platforms for Vietnamese investors, Bybit emerged as the top choice. It enables VietinBank clients to deposit VND swiftly and without fees, allowing them to trade across a vast selection of over 1000 cryptocurrencies at competitive fees. Bybit, with its global recognition, extends support in several languages, including Vietnamese, to enhance the trading experience.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with VietinBank?

Yes, VietinBank enables its customers to acquire digital currencies like Bitcoin by depositing Vietnamese Dong (VND) to authorized crypto exchanges in Vietnam. It's important to note that the bank itself does not provide direct buying or trading of cryptocurrencies but supports transactions to regulated investment platforms. Selecting one that meets the standards set by Vietnamese financial regulations is crucial for compliance with local financial legislation.

How to Buy Crypto with VietinBank

The safest method to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via VietinBank involves utilizing a trusted exchange such as Bybit. It allows users to deposit funds in VND using various methods, including bank transfers, debit cards, Google Pay, VietQR, Apple Pay, GEO Pay, and more. Funds can be used to buy, sell, trade, and stake a diverse selection of over 1000 digital assets with competitively low costs.

VietinBank clients can embark on their crypto investment journey by adhering to these four straightforward steps:

  1. Account Setup: Sign up on Bybit and complete the identity verification process. 
  2. Deposit Navigation: Go to the ‘Buy Crypto’ section and choose a suitable deposit method.
  3. Currency Selection: Pick ‘VND’ as your currency, select the cryptocurrency you wish to buy, and choose a payment method for transferring funds from VietinBank. 
  4. Crypto Purchase: Enter the desired VND amount for investment and press 'Buy.'
Buy Crypto with VND from VietinBank
Buy Crypto with VietinBank via Bybit.

VietinBank Cryptocurrency Policy

‍VietinBank takes a forward-thinking view on digital currencies and allows customers to transfer funds to secure investment platforms. Clients are encouraged to engage with cryptocurrencies via exchanges regulated by the State Bank of Vietnam or equivalent international bodies. Our preferred platform, Bybit, adheres to stringent regulatory standards in the country and offers transparent reserve audits, ensuring all digital assets are fully backed.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

Grasping the expenses tied to cryptocurrency investments is key for adept financial planning, particularly for VietinBank clients. Below is a breakdown of common fees encountered on digital asset exchanges:

  • Transaction Costs: This represents the fee for executing crypto purchases or sales, typically around 1% on various platforms. Bybit distinguishes itself with a modest 0.1% transaction fee, catering to cost-aware investors.
  • Funding Fees: The expense of depositing money can vary with the chosen method. Most exchanges offer free deposits via bank transfers in Vietnamese Dong (VND) but charge up to 2% when using credit or debit cards.
  • Withdrawal Fees: The costs for transferring digital currencies off the platform are contingent on the specific token involved.

For VietinBank customers engaging in cryptocurrency trading, Bybit's low transaction fees and free VND deposits present a compelling option. Furthermore, its compliance with regulatory standards and a wide range of assets cater to the varied preferences of investors in Vietnam.

What is VietinBank?

‍VietinBank, officially known as Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, stands as a prominent financial institution in Vietnam, offering a wide array of banking services and products to both individual and corporate clients. Established in 1988, the bank has significantly contributed to the development of Vietnam's economy by providing comprehensive financial solutions, including retail banking, corporate banking, and investment banking. 

With a vast network of branches and ATMs spread across the country and extensions overseas, VietinBank has cemented its reputation for innovation, customer service, and financial stability. The bank's commitment to integrating advanced technology into its operations is evident in its digital banking platforms, which facilitate convenient, secure, and efficient transactions, aligning with the modern banking needs of its diverse clients.

VietinBank: Home Page.
VietinBank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, VietinBank customers can now safely explore crypto investments through a regulated digital asset exchange. Bybit is the best option due to its free Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposits, wide range of assets, Vietnamese language support, and low fees. Beyond trading crypto, Bybit expands its services to include staking, lending, and borrowing, further enriching the investment experience for users.