Summary: VietinBank extends many financial services to its customers, including a stock-investing feature but doesn't give access to direct transactions with cryptocurrencies. The only way for VietinBank clients to acquire digital assets like Bitcoin is by transferring funds to a trusted global or Vietnamese exchange.

After thorough research and evaluation of numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, our expert team recommends Bybit for VietinBank customers. Bybit offers free and instantaneous transfers of Vietnamese Dong (VND), enabling clients to trade among an impressive selection of over 770 cryptocurrencies with a low 0.1% transaction fee. The platform can also be used entirely in Vietnamese and English.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with VietinBank?

Yes, VietinBank customers can now explore cryptocurrency investing using a digital asset exchange in Asia. Vietnamese investors can deposit VND from their VietinBank accounts and then convert these funds into digital assets such as Bitcoin. We suggest opting for a crypto trading platform licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam for enhanced security.

How to Buy Crypto with VietinBank

As mentioned, the easiest and safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies through VietinBank is to use a reliable exchange such as Bybit. Bybit allows quick and free Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposits from VietinBank accounts through various methods, including Debit or Credit Cards and Bank Transfers.

Investors from Vietnam can easily invest in cryptocurrency by following this straightforward guide:

  1. Create an Account: Begin by setting up a free account on Bybit and meeting the necessary verification criteria.
  2. Choose Payment Method: Navigate to the 'Buy Crypto' section and select your preferred deposit method.
  3. Identify Your Token: Find your chosen cryptocurrency and select 'VND' as your trading currency.
  4. Purchase Crypto: Enter the amount you want to invest and click 'Buy.'
Buy Crypto with VND from VietinBank
Buy Crypto with VND from VietinBank.

VietinBank Cryptocurrency Policy

VietinBank is promoting a culture of digital investment among its clients by encouraging them to explore cryptocurrencies through exchanges overseen by the State Bank of Vietnam. By supporting opportunities to invest in digital currencies, VietinBank allows its customers to sidestep the conventional banking perils while expanding their investment horizons. 

What is VietinBank?

VietinBank, officially known as the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, is a leading financial institution in Vietnam, offering a comprehensive suite of banking services and products. Famed for its commitment to innovation, it caters to individual and business clients with savings accounts, loans, investments, and online banking solutions. 

It has also extended its portfolio to include cryptocurrency investment opportunities via reputed exchanges. This move reflects the bank's readiness to embrace the evolving dynamics of the global financial sector while upholding its customers' trust and maintaining its market leadership position. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, VietinBank customers can now safely explore crypto investments through a regulated digital asset exchange. Bybit is the best option due to its free Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposits, wide range of cryptocurrencies, Vietnamese language support, and low fees. Beyond trading crypto, Bybit expands its services to include staking, lending, and borrowing, further enriching the investment experience for users.