Summary: Alinma Bank is a prominent bank in Saudia Arabia that realizes the emerging potential of cryptocurrencies. It allows its customers to access digital currencies through exchanges that are overseen by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA). With this, customers can invest in digital assets securely while adhering to the country’s regulatory laws.

Our extensive analysis has identified Bybit as the ideal platform for Alinma Bank clients who want to invest in digital currencies. Bybit accepts SAR account funding to buy, sell, and trade over 1000 cryptocurrencies with competitive trading fees at just 0.1%. Its global presence also supports Arabic and English through its interface and customer support.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Alinma Bank?

Yes, Alinma Bank clients can purchase cryptocurrencies. While the bank does not handle direct digital currency transactions, it approved transfers to sanctioned exchanges in Saudi Arabia. This approach assures customers can safely deposit their funds and convert their SAR for popular tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Finding a platform overseen by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance.

How to Buy Crypto with Alinma Bank 

Alinma Bank allows its customers to invest in digital currencies safely by linking them with exchanges complying with SAMA guidelines. We suggest Bybit for its strict adherence to Saudi financial regulations, extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, and intuitive design. It accommodates several payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, debit and credit cards, Skrill, and Neteller, all in Saudi Riyals.

Alinma Bank clients eager to start trading cryptocurrencies can follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Account Creation: Set up an Bybit account and complete the identity verification form for security purposes.
  2. Transferring Funds: Click 'Buy Crypto' and select one of the deposit options.
  3. Selecting Digital Assets: Select your desired asset and pick a payment method to transfer money from Alinma Bank.
  4. Buy Crypto: Enter the amount you want and finalize your purchase by clicking ‘Open Trade.’
How to Buy Crypto with Alinma Bank 
Buy Crypto with Alinma Bank via Bybit.

Alinma Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

Alinma Bank is a modern financial banking corporation that embraces digital currencies within its operational scope. It has partnered with exchanges that align with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) regulations, providing its customers with safe cryptocurrency investment opportunities. For Alinma Bank users, we suggest Bybit because it complies with Saudi financial regulations, giving digital currency investors a reliable and transparent trading environment.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

Recognizing trading fee dynamics is crucial for anyone getting into digital currency investments. Understanding these charges can significantly improve your investment approach and enhance your profit potential. Here is a summary of the typical fees when using crypto asset platforms:

  • Deposit Costs: Fees for depositing funds into your account may differ based on the chosen payment method. Generally, deposits via bank transfer have lower costs compared to credit payments.
  • Trading Charges: A standard 1% transaction fee is the usual setting for digital currency exchanges, covering operational purchases and sales. However, Bybit charges just 0.1% for buying or selling tokens on spot makrkets.
  • Withdrawal Charges: These fees vary by digital currency. For example, withdrawing Bitcoin usually costs around 0.00005 BTC, though rates for other coins may differ.

We recommend Bybit for Alinma Bank users delving into the cryptocurrency world. It has an edge above the rest of the market thanks to its broad assortment of tokens, free SAR deposits and low trading fees.

What is Alinma Bank?

Alinma Bank, established in 2006 via royal decree, is at the forefront of dynamic, Shariah-compliant banking in the region, tailored for the modern lifestyle. By significantly contributing to the national economy, it supports a broad spectrum of clients, including individuals, corporations, and SMEs, by offering suitable financial products and services. These offerings range from real estate and personal financing to comprehensive account services, corporate financing, and auto leasing.

Embracing technological advancements, Alinma Bank keeps atop the digital banking domain, mainly catering to the youth, by innovating in payments, digital transactions, and savings schemes. Alinma Bank’s Strategy 2025 initiative underscores its dedication to fostering economic prosperity through a customer and value driven strategy, making it the preferred bank for many.

Alinma Bank: Home Page.
Alinma Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

In short, Alinma Bank employs a strategic approach that allows its customers to trade cryptocurrencies while conforming to Saudi Arabia's financial policies. We found Bybit to be the most qualified exchange for Alinma Bank users entering the crypto investing space owing to its immediate support for Saudi Riyal transfers, superior security, diverse coin offerings, and unique features like copy trading and staking options.