Summary: United Community Bank customers can securely invest in cryptocurrency by using a regulated digital asset exchange. Although the bank doesn't directly provide crypto trading services, it allows users to connect to trading platforms licensed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) that accept deposits in USD.

Based on our extensive research, Kraken ranks as the top choice for United Community Bank users. Operating under the oversight of FinCEN in the United States, Kraken offers trading and staking services for over 200 coins with competitive fees in a regulated and safe environment. It is considered one of the most secure American exchanges as it provides regularly audited proof of reserves showing assets are held 1:1.

Best Crypto Exchange for United Community Bank Customers
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Can I Buy Bitcoin with United Community Bank?

Yes, United Community Bank customers can purchase Bitcoin and other crypto by transferring funds to an accredited digital asset exchange within the USA. We recommend a trading platform registered with FinCEN and other relevant financial regulatory bodies. You can transfer USD from your United Community Bank account to a secure exchange and begin your journey into digital asset investing.

How to Buy Crypto with United Community Bank

United Community Bank customers can invest in cryptocurrencies through a trusted exchange such as Kraken. This US-based platform is regulated by FinCEN and enables American investors to buy, sell, trade, and stake from a selection of over 200 assets. It also accepts USD deposits from United Community Bank accounts via ACH, wire transfers, and debit or credit cards.

For American investors interested in crypto token trading, follow this guide:

  1. Setup Account: Register an account on Kraken and complete all required identity verification steps.
  2. Choose Currency: After logging in, navigate to the deposit section and pick your preferred currency, such as USD.
  3. Transfer Funds: Choose an applicable payment method - ACH transfer, wire transfer, or credit/debit card.
  4. Buy Cryptocurrency: The final step is selecting your desired digital token and confirming the transaction.
How to Buy Crypto with United Community Bank.
How to Buy Crypto with United Community Bank.

United Community Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

United Community Bank takes a progressive view on cryptocurrency, fostering financial innovation while respecting financial regulation. The bank enables its customers to invest in digital assets by using trusted platforms like Kraken. Adhering to all U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules, Kraken is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with FinCEN, operating under the name of Payward, Inc., with MSB Registration No. 31000239561651.

Digital Asset Investing Fees

There are costs associated with cryptocurrency investing, and understanding them is vital for maximizing your returns. Kraken has nominal fees that can impact your overall performance: 

  • Spot Trading Costs: Kraken applies a sliding scale for trading fees, starting from 0.16% for order placements and 0.26% for order fulfillment. As your trading volume expands, these fees reduce, thereby enhancing your potential profits.
  • Deposit Fees: While crypto token deposits are free on Kraken, fiat funds may involve a nominal fee, which depends on the payment mode, like ACH transfers or debit and credit cards.
  • Withdrawal Costs: Withdrawal fees are competitive and depend on the digital currency being transferred. For instance, withdrawing Bitcoin incurs a fee of 0.0005 BTC.

Overall, Kraken’s trading fees are efficient, decreasing as trading volume increases. The platform’s deposit and withdrawal fees are highly competitive, making it an attractive choice for traders seeking optimal financial results.

What is United Community Bank?

United Community Bank is based in Greenville, South Carolina, and operates within its bank holding entity. As one of the Southeast's premier financial organizations, it boasts assets valued at $25.9 billion and has 161 branches spread across states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

The main banking branch ofthe United Community, owned entirely by the parent company, offers tailored banking solutions for individuals, local businesses, and larger corporations within its operational regions. Their array of services encompasses consumer and business banking, mortgage assistance, financial advisory, treasury oversight, and wealth management functions.

United Community Bank: Home Page.
United Community Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, United Community Bank provides easy and secure access to FinCEN-approved digital asset platforms, such as Kraken, promoting a reliable and secure way for customers interested in cryptocurrencies. Recognized for its support of over 200 crypto tokens and dedication to maintaining regulatory compliance, Kraken stands as one of the few global exchanges regularly subject to audits, ensuring user assets are fully backed.