Summary: Pix doesn't directly provide cryptocurrency trading and investment options via its digital payment system. Nonetheless, users can utilize their Pix credentials to set up an account with an external crypto broker or exchange, thereby allowing the deposit of the local fiat currency, Brazilian Real (BRL).

We suggest using Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange that provides immediate and free deposits in Brazilian Real for Pix account holders. As a trusted crypto platform, Bybit boasts a user base over 15 million, spread across 180 countries. The platform is available in multiple languages and offers over 770 cryptocurrencies with industry-leading fees at 0.1%

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with Pix

Yes, Pix allows its users to transfer Brazilian Real (BRL) to cryptocurrency exchanges that comply with local regulations. It's important to underscore, though, that Pix doesn't directly facilitate the purchase or trading of cryptocurrencies. To venture into the world of digital assets, users are advised to seek out a regulated exchange in Brazil that accepts BRL deposits. They can then utilize their Pix accounts to enable swift, frictionless transactions.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with PIX

As outlined above, the best way to buy Bitcoin and digital assets with a PIX transfer in Brazil is with a platform that supports that payment method and accepts Brazilian Real (BRL) deposits. Based on our analysis, we found that Bybit was the only exchange that supports instant and free BRL deposits from all Brazilian banks via PIX transfer to trade and stake over 770 crypto assets.

You can get started in 4 simple steps with our guide:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on Bybit and complete the identity verification process.
  2. Deposit Funds: Select the 'Buy Crypto' button and click the 'Fiat Deposit' option.
  3. Transfer Funds: Select 'PIX' as your transfer method and complete the BRL transfer from your bank account.
  4. Purchase Crypto: Once your account is credited with BRL, find the crypto you want to buy on the platform and make your trade.
Deposit BRL via Pix on Bybit.
Deposit BRL with Pix on Bybit.

Pix Cryptocurrency Policy

Pix, a leading digital payment system in Brazil, maintains a progressive and equitable stance towards cryptocurrencies. It allows its users to explore digital assets via licensed cryptocurrency intermediaries that comply with the regulations of the Brazilian Central Bank, the primary regulatory body in Brazil.

By enabling access to Bitcoin and a diverse array of other cryptocurrencies, users can mitigate traditional banking risks, and simultaneously diversify their portfolios with Bitcoin and a wide spectrum of other digital currencies.

What is PIX?

PIX is a new real-time payment system in Brazil that was launched in November 2020 by the Central Bank of Brazil. It is designed to improve the speed, convenience, and security of electronic payments in the country. With PIX, individuals and businesses can make and receive payments instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a variety of methods, including QR codes, phone numbers, and email addresses. PIX is expected to help increase the use of electronic payments in Brazil and reduce the reliance on cash.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while Pix doesn't directly facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, it plays a crucial role in enabling users to explore digital assets via compliant crypto exchanges. Users can utilize Pix to swiftly deposit Brazilian Real (BRL) into their account on platforms like Bybit, a recommended exchange that supports over 770 cryptocurrencies.

By adopting Pix's progressive approach, users can seamlessly venture into the world of cryptocurrencies, diversify their investment portfolios, and enjoy the benefits of the digital asset economy. Remember, getting started with crypto trading involves creating an account, completing the identity verification, depositing funds via Pix, and finally trading in your desired digital asset.