Summary: EBS Bank does not directly offer cryptocurrency investing products or services through its online banking platform. However, it allows customers to withdraw Euros (EUR) from their bank accounts to regulated crypto exchanges for investing in this asset class.

Our top recommendation for investors in Ireland is Uphold. Their platform provides quick and affordable EUR deposits from EBS Bank to trade and stake more than 300 cryptocurrencies with no fees and competitive spreads. Uphold is licensed and regulated in Europe, boasting over 10 million users across the continent.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin with EBS Bank?

EBS Bank provides its customers with the opportunity to engage in transactions, including converting Euros (EUR) to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other digital assets. This is accomplished in collaboration with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in Ireland, conforming to Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Customers looking to invest in digital currencies are advised to utilize a platform that is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and has a strong Irish reputation. This guarantees seamless digital transactions via their EBS Bank accounts.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with EBS Bank

The most secure way to buy Bitcoin and crypto is by signing up with Uphold, a regulated digital asset exchange with over 10 million users. Customers with an account with EBS Bank can deposit EUR directly from their bank account or use other methods like credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

Get started with crypto trading in four easy steps:

  1. Create an account on Uphold and verify your identity. 
  2. Connect your EBS Bank account to deposit funds. 
  3. Go to ‘My Banks’ section and enter the EUR amount. 
  4. Find the token you want to purchase and finish the trade.
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Is EBS Bank Crypto-Friendly?

EBS Bank does not enforce banking policies that restrict its customers from purchasing or trading digital currencies. As a result, clients in Ireland and other regions can safely carry out transactions involving digital assets through their EBS Bank accounts.

However, vigilance is required when transferring Euros to international exchanges (such as Binance or Coinbase), as EBS Bank holds the authority to freeze funds that are identified as suspicious. For a secure and dependable trading experience, it is recommended to use platforms licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland within the European Union.

What Is EBS Bank?

EBS Bank is a financial institution based in Ireland with roots in housing finance. It was established in 1935 by teachers and civil servants as the Educational Building Society to facilitate affordable housing. Today, it offers traditional and digital banking services with its extensive network of branches and online platforms. Their diverse products include daily banking, savings accounts, mortgage, and insurance. 

EBS was a building society until 2011, when it became Allied Irish Banks (AIB) subsidiary. AIB is one of the Big Four financial institutions in the country. As a former building society, it is community-driven, focusing on providing financial services to families looking to buy a home. Despite being one of the oldest banks in Ireland, it has moved with the times, offering digital services for its customers’ convenience. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and, by extension, the European Central Bank. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, EBS Bank offers a platform for its customers to purchase and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies securely, in line with Central Bank of Ireland regulations. Utilising a reputable exchange like Uphold, clients can easily deposit funds from their EBS Bank accounts and participate in cryptocurrency trading. While EBS Bank maintains a crypto-friendly position, customers are urged to be cautious and use platforms regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, particularly when transferring funds to international exchanges, to prevent potential freezing of suspicious funds.