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How to Buy Crypto with Banamex

How to Buy Crypto with Banamex

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March 9, 2023
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Summary: Banamex's online banking platform, Bancanet, does not directly support cryptocurrency investing. Therefore, customers cannot purchase digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum directly through the platform.

To invest in cryptocurrencies using Mexican Peso (MXN), Banamex customers will need to create an account with a secure cryptocurrency exchange like Bybit. Bybit is a prominent global derivatives crypto trading platform that offers up to 100x leverage on futures contracts. Moreover, it is one of the rare exchanges that do not mandate KYC (identity verification) from its users.

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Best Crypto Exchange for Banamex Bancanet

Platform Highlights

  • Instant MXN deposits from Banamex via Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, BBVA & STP.
  • Buy, sell and trade 400+ Cryptocurrencies for low fees via Spot, Futures & Options trading.
  • Non-KYC exchange with audited proof-of-reserves that show customer funds are backed 1:1.
Bybit - Banamex Bancanet
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Audited Proof of Reserves
Audited Proof of Reserves

Can I buy Cryptocurrencies with Banamex Bancanet?

The Banamex Bancanet banking platform does not support cryptocurrency trading or cryptocurrency wallets. This is because Banamex has not built the infrastructure that is necessary to support digital asset trading within their bank.

This means that Banamex account holders will need to find a licensed and regulated platform that accepts MXN deposits from their bank. With this method, investors can safely transfer funds via bank transfer, debit card, credit card and other methods to buy and sell digital assets.

How to buy Bitcoin or Crypto with Banamex

As otulined above, best way to buy cryptocurrencies in Mexico with a Banamex account is with the Bybit trading platform. Bybit allows Banamex customers to deposit Mexican Pesos (MXN) to the platform via a variety of methods including Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, BBVA & STP.

You can get started with this simple guide:

  1. Create a free account on Bybit with your email and complete the sign up process.
  2. Click 'Buy Crypto', then 'One-Click Buy' and select 'MXN' as your currency.
  3. Select a deposit method and the cryptocurrency you want to purchase.
  4. Enter the amount you want to invest in this token and tap 'Buy'.
How to buy Bitcoin or Crypto with Banamex.
How to buy Bitcoin or Crypto with Banamex.

Banamex Cryptocurrency Policy

Banamex has not made an official statement about its policy on cryptocurrencies. However, it is safe to assume that Banamex supports cryptocurrency trading because they do not ban their customers from withdrawing MXN into digital asset trading platforms.

About Banamex

Banamex is one of the largest banks in Mexico and Latin America. Banamex offers a wide range of banking products and services to retail, corporate and institutional clients. Banamex has a long history dating back to 1884 when it was founded as Banco Nacional de Mexico. In 2000, Banamex was acquired by Citigroup, one of the world’s leading financial services companies.

Banamex has a strong focus on providing excellent customer service, and its branches are located across Mexico. The bank also has an extensive network of ATMs, as well as online and mobile banking platforms. In addition to its traditional banking products and services, Banamex also offers investment products, such as mutual funds and brokerage services. It also has a credit card division, which offers a variety of different credit cards with different rewards programs. Today, Banamex is a strong and stable institution that is well-positioned to continue serving its clients and contributing to the economic development of Mexico.

Banamex Crypto
Banamex Online Banking.

Final Thoughts

To invest in cryptocurrencies using Banamex's Bancanet platform, customers will need to find an alternative solution, as the platform does not currently support cryptocurrency trading or wallets. Bybit is a recommended option for those looking to invest in digital assets using Mexican Peso (MXN) as it offers a user-friendly interface and multiple deposit methods. Moreover, Bybit is a trusted and regulated platform that offers advanced trading features such as up to 100x leverage on futures contracts.

While Banamex has not made an official statement regarding their stance on cryptocurrencies, customers are able to withdraw MXN to digital asset trading platforms, indicating support for the practice. By utilizing a secure cryptocurrency exchange like Bybit, Banamex customers can confidently and easily invest in the dynamic world of digital assets.

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