Summary: Avanza users and investors in Sweden cannot directly buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through the Avanza App. Instead, investors in Sweden will need to sign up to a regulated crypto exchange and deposit funds to buy and sell digital assets.

Our top pick for Swedish users is Uphold because they offer fast and cheap Swedish Krona (SEK) or Euro (EUR) deposits to buy over 200 cryptocurrencies. Their platform is licensed and regulated in Europe and are one of the only exchanges with an audited proof-of-reserves, making them the safest option in the region.

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Can I Buy Crypto with Avanza?

Avanza does not currently offer the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies directly through the platform. However, you can use Avanza to invest in a number of cryptocurrency-related products such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and certificates that are tied to the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum. These products allow you to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without having to purchase them directly, giving you added flexibility and control over your investments.

We do not recommend buying Crypto ETFs because you cannot withdraw the assets to a personal wallet - which means you do not have real ownership.  Instead, we recommend buying cryptocurrencies directly from an exchange. This way you have full control over your funds and don’t need to rely on a third party for custody of your assets.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with an Avanza Alternative

The easiest way to buy Cryptocurrencies in Sweden is through a regulated multi-asset trading platform like Uphold EU. They offer fast and cheap EU deposits from any Swedish or European bank to trade over 200 cryptocurrencies and hundreds of stocks, ETFs, commodities and other assets.

You can get started on a trusted exchange with our simple guide:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on Uphold and complete your verification (personal or company).
  2. Connect Account: Select the currency you want deposit on the Uphold Platform (SEK, EUR + 30 more).
  3. Deposit Funds: Connect your Avanza Bank account to quickly deposit your selected fiat currency.
  4. Buy Crypto: The final step is to find the cryptocurrency you want to buy and execute your trade.
Buy Crypto with Avanza
Deposit SEK or EUR in Sweden to Invest in Crypto.

Is Avanza Crypto-Friendly?

Avanza Bank has embraced the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and has made efforts to accommodate customers who wish to invest in digital assets. They do not have any banking policies that prohibit customers from investing in cryptocurrencies or other digital assets. This means that customers can safely deposit and withdraw funds in their local currency (Swedish Krona) into centralized cryptocurrency exchanges without the risk of their funds being frozen.

In addition to allowing cryptocurrency transactions, Avanza Bank also provides its customers with resources and tools to track and manage their cryptocurrency investments through its platform. This has made the bank a popular choice for those interested in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in Sweden.

About Avanza Bank

Avanza Bank is a Swedish online bank and financial services company founded in 1999. Its headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Avanza Bank primarily offers services in savings and investments, providing a platform for customers to invest in stocks, funds, bonds, and other financial instruments. The company has a strong focus on technology and aims to provide user-friendly, cost-effective, and transparent financial services to its customers.

In addition to its online banking services, Avanza Bank also offers a range of other products and services, such as pension savings accounts, mortgages, and insurance. The company has grown significantly over the years and has become one of the largest banks in Sweden by the number of customers and transactions.

Avanza Bank
Avanza Online Banking.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Avanza Bank is a crypto-friendly institution that allows customers to invest in cryptocurrency-related products such as ETFs and certificates. However, it does not support the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through its platform.

For those looking to buy cryptocurrencies directly, we recommend using a regulated exchange like Uphold, which offers a secure and convenient way to invest in over 200 digital assets. By doing so, investors can maintain full control over their funds and enjoy the benefits of a seamless, safe, and transparent investment experience.