Summary: ASB Bank does not directly offer crypto trading services through its banking system. However, the bank does allow customers to transfer New Zealand Dollars from their accounts to a digital asset exchange regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). 

Following a detailed assessment of the leading crypto trading platforms available to ASB customers, our expert team found that SwyftX is the best option. It enables quick and affordable NZD deposits from ASB Bank and boasts an extensive range of 310+ cryptocurrencies. It is the most secure exchange in New Zealand and boasts over 600,000 investors from NZ and Australia.

Best Crypto Exchange for ASB Bank Customers
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Can I Buy Bitcoin with ASB Bank? 

ASB Bank customers can delve into Bitcoin and other digital currencies through certified New Zealand cryptocurrency exchanges licensed by The Financial Markets Authority (FMA). These platforms facilitate NZD transactions from ASB Bank accounts and cards. Regulated trading exchanges in New Zealand provide a secure and regulated environment for participating in crypto investments, backed by the Financial Service Provider (FSP) licence issued by the FMA.

How to Buy Crypto with ASB Bank

The optimal way to buy cryptocurrencies with ASB Bank is through a regulated trading platform in New Zealand. We have compared the country’s best exchanges and found SwyftX to be the best option as it provides swift and cost-friendly NZD transfers from ASB Bank, allowing trading of more than 310 assets and staking opportunities for up to 15% APY daily interest.
Here's how you can get started in just four simple steps:

  1. Open a free account on SwyftX and complete the verification process.
  2. Click on the 'Deposit' button at the top of your screen and select New Zealand Dollars as your preferred currency.
  3. Complete your NZD deposit by transferring funds from ASB Bank.
  4. Once the funds are in your account, locate your desired token and execute your trade.
How to Buy Crypto with ASB Bank.
How to Buy Crypto with ASB Bank.

ASB Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

ASB Bank showcases an evolved yet balanced strategy toward digital currencies. It facilitates its customers to venture into the cryptocurrency space via digital asset exchanges. For a secure trading experience, ASB Bank advises customers to use platforms overseen by The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and holds a Financial Service Provider (FSP) licence. 

Through enabling transactions in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, investors have an opportunity to mitigate conventional banking risks akin to recent setbacks witnessed in specific US-based banks. Additionally, they can diversify their investment portfolio with Bitcoin and other digital assets.

What is ASB Bank?

ASB Bank, a leading New Zealand financial institution and a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), has been serving customers since 1847 as the Auckland Savings Bank. Today, the bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services through its extensive branch network and digital channels. 

From savings accounts and home loans to business banking and investment solutions, it is dedicated to helping customers achieve their financial goals. As a member of the ASB Group, which includes ASB Bank in Australia and ASB Community Trust in New Zealand, it leverages its collective expertise to provide exceptional banking experiences across various domains.

ASB Bank: Home Page.
ASB Bank: Home Page.

Final Thoughts

To recap, ASB Bank customers in New Zealand can explore the world of cryptocurrencies through trusted digital asset exchanges. We recommend using SwyftX as it is licensed by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and holds an FSP licence, providing a secure and reliable environment for conducting cryptocurrency transactions.