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How to Buy Crypto or Bitcoin with Netspend

How to Buy Crypto or Bitcoin with Netspend

Karen Tren
Fact Checked
Oct 5, 2022

Summary: The best way to buy Cryptocurrency with your Netspend Card is through a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that accepts Debit Cards.

We recommend eToro because they are a licensed platform that offers cheap USD deposits and zero fees to trade Bitcoin and cryptos.

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Best Exchange for Netspend Cards

Platform Highlights

  • Fast and Cheap USD deposits from Netspend All Access Cards.
  • Trade over 70 Cryptocurrencies on a Trusted and Regulated brokerage platform.
  • Low and variable trading fees with tight spreads.
eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Can I buy Bitcoin with a Netspend Card?

There is no way to buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies directly through Netspend All-Access or anywhere else on their online banking platform. You will need to connect to a regulated digital asset trading platform to buy Crypto with a Netspend Bank account, or with a Netspend Card.

How to buy Crypto with a Netspend Card

The best way to buy Crypto with a Netspend Card is through the eToro online trading platform. They offer fast and cheap USD deposits from Netspend account holders or Netspend card users.

You can follow this simple guide below to get started:

  1. Register to the eToro platform and complete your identity verification.
  2. Select 'Deposit Funds' and select 'Debit Card' and 'USD'
  3. Input your Netspend Debit Card details and the amount you want to deposit
  4. Deposit USD and buy Crypto on the eToro platform
Deposit Funds with a Netspend Card and trade Crypto.

Netspend Cryptocurrency Policy

The Netspend Company does not prohibit their customers from engaging with cryptocurrency trading platforms in the US that are licensed. This means you are safe to deposit USD from Netspend to exchanges like eToro to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets.

About Netspend

Netspend is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards in the United States. It offers a wide range of products and services, including prepaid debit cards, reloadable cards, mobile check deposits, online bill pay, and more. Netspend is licensed and regulated by the financial authorities in the US.

Get started in minutes with Netspend.

Fees for buying Crypto with Netspend

There are two main fees you need to consider when buying Crypto with a Netspend Account, or Netspend Card.

  • Deposit Fees: The fees you pay to deposit USD to an exchange
  • Trading Fees: The fee charged to buy Bitcoin with USD

With the eToro platform, both the deposit fees from a Netspend Bank account are completely free. Also - the trading fees once you have USD on the platform are completely free.

You can learn more about their fees in our extended eToro Review.

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