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How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Migros Bank

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Migros Bank

Dylan Matthews
Fact Checked
Aug 22, 2022

Summary: Migros Bank regrettably does not offer cryptocurrency investing features on its platform. However, there are safe alternative methods to buying cryptocurrencies with a Migros bank account.

To buy Bitcoin and other tokens in Switzerland, you will need to go through a regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange like eToro.

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eToro Platform Highlights

Platform Highlights

  • Fast and cheap Euro (EUR) deposits from all European Banks.
  • Licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and ESMA.
  • 80+ Cryptos and over 7,000 Stocks, ETFs & Commodities with low fees.

Can I Buy Cryptocurrencies on Migros Bank?

No, you can not buy cryptocurrencies directly on the Migros Banking platform. If you want to buy Bitcoin with the funds in your Migros bank account you simply need to send your euros from your bank to a regulated and licensed crypto exchange.

We recommend using eToro as it is the safest cryptocurrency exchange to use in Europe. eToro Europe is properly licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission under license number 109/10. The exchange operates and complies with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

Migros Bank Home Page
Migros Bank Home Page.

How to Buy Crypto & Bitcoin with Migros Bank

In this example, we show Swiss investors how to invest in cryptocurrencies with a Migros Bank account. We choose Bank Transfer as the deposit method but you can also choose to credit/debit card, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and more. Follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Sign up to eToro Europe and complete the onboarding process
  2. Click ‘Deposit Funds’ and choose ‘Bank Transfer’ as the payment method and enter the amount of EUR
Fund your account on eToro with Migros Bank
  1. Enter the eToro details into your Migros banking app and send funds over. Bank transfers can take from 4-7 working days to be processed from the time of transfer. Users can choose to deposit via Credit/Debit card for instant deposits
eToro Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer - Migros Bank
  1. Once the funds have arrived in your eToro account, search for Bitcoin or whatever token you want to buy, enter the amount you want to invest and select ‘Open Trade’
Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Migros Bank
Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Migros Bank via eToro.

About Migros Bank

Migros Bank is one of the leading banks in Switzerland that provides excellent customer service and innovative banking products. It was founded in 1934 and is headquartered in Zurich. The bank offers a wide range of services such as saving accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans and investment products.

Migros Bank Home Page

What makes Migros Bank stand out among other banks is its focus on mobile banking which is made possible by the bank’s excellent online platform. If you are looking for a reliable and customer-centric bank in Switzerland, then Migros Bank is the right choice for you.

Dylan Matthews

I am the Founder & CEO of Buy Bitcoin Bank and was previously an engineer for a Prop trading firm in Crypto.

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