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Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with NBG Bank

Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with NBG Bank

Adrian Graham
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Oct 21, 2022

Summary: The National Bank of Greece (NBG) does not offer cryptocurrency investing services directly through its i-bank platform. However, they do allow customers to transfer Euros (EUR) onto regulated crypto exchanges to buy and sell digital assets.

We recommend the eToro exchange for investors in Greece because they offer instant Euro transfers from NBG Internet Banking and NBG Mobile Banking.

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Best Exchange for NBG Bank in Greece

Platform Highlights

  • Fast and cheap Euro (EUR) deposits from NBG I-Bank and Mobile Banking.
  • Licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and ESMA.
  • 80+ Cryptos and over 8,000 Stocks, ETFs & Commodities with low fees.

Is NBG Bank Crypto-Friendly?

Yes, NBG Bank is crypto-friendly. The National Bank of Greece does not have any internal banking policies that prohibit customers from buying and selling digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The only provision is that investors must use platforms that are licensed and regulated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

How to Buy Crypto with NBG Bank

As mentioned above, the best way to buy cryptocurrencies with NBG i-bank or NBG mobile banking is with the eToro platform. They are an ESMA-licensed broker that offers a wide variety of crypto assets and thousands of stocks, ETFs, metals, commodities and other assets. They accept instant and cheap Euro (EUR) deposits from any National Bank of Greece payment method.

You can get started in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create an account: Sign up to the eToro trading platform.
  2. Deposit funds: Select the 'Deposit Funds' button on the bottom of your screen. Then select your payment method for NBG Bank (Bank Transfer or Credit Card/Debit Card).
  3. Find your Crypto: Once the fiat hits your account, find the Crypto you want to buy on the eToro platform with their 'Discover' tab.
  4. Execute your trade: Input the fiat amount you want to invest and execute your trade.
Deposit Funds and invest with National Bank of Greece.

Will NBG Bank offer Cryptocurrencies in the future?

At this time, the National Bank of Greece has not made any public announcements regarding plans to offer cryptocurrency investing services through its i-bank or mobile banking platforms. However, due to the growing popularity of digital assets, it is possible that they will offer these services in the future.

About National Bank of Greece (NBG)

NBG is the largest bank in Greece and one of the oldest banks in Europe. It has a long tradition of serving the Greek people and the Greek economy, dating back to 1841. Today, NBG provides a full range of banking services to individual customers, businesses and institutional investors across Greece and around the world.

National Bank of Greece (NBG)

The National Bank of Greece has a strong presence in all major sectors of the Greek economy and is actively involved in supporting the country's economic recovery. The Bank is also a leading member of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF), Greece's sovereign wealth fund, which was established to support the stability of the banking system during the country's financial crisis.

NBG is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) and is a constituent of the ATHEX Composite Index. The Bank's market capitalization at the end of 2015 was €12.6 billion. NBG has a broad international network with offices in Athens, London, New York, Frankfurt, Milan, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing.

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