Summary: The best way to bridge assets from Ethereum or another EVM-chain to Kujira is through a cross-chain DEX that supports Cosmos SDK protocols. We recommend the Gravity Bridge, which supports direct transfers from Ethereum to Kujira and other Cosmos Chains with ETH, USDC, UST and other tokens.

You can continue reading the guide below to learn how to get started in minutes.

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How to Bridge to Kujira

As outline above, the best bridge to transfer assets to the Kujira Blockchain is Gravity Bridge. The Gravity Bridge is a cross-chain DEX built by the Cosmos Foundation that allows fast and cheap cross-chain transfers from ETH to all Cosmos SDK networks including Kujira, Secret, Juno, Canna and many others.

You can connect your MetaMask and transfer assets to a Cosmos wallet with this simple guide:

  1. Visit Gravity Bridge and connect your MetaMask & Keplr Wallet.
  2. Select the network you want to transfer assets from (e.g Ethereum) and Kujira as your destination.
  3. Select the token you want to bridge and the amount.
  4. Preview your transaction details and finalize the transaction. The funds will arrive on your Cosmos wallets in under 10 minutes.
Kujira Bridge
Ethereum to Kujira Bridge.

What are the Fees to Bridge to Kujira?

The fees to transfer assets to Kujira from Ethereum will depend on demand for blockspace and gas prices at the time of transfer.  The Gravity Bridge has two types of fees: a small fixed fee for setting up the bridge and a variable transaction fee that is calculated based on the amount of assets you want to transfer.

For example, transferring $1,000 in ETH from Ethereum to Kujira may cost around $5 in total fees. However, this can vary depending on gas prices on mainnet at the time of transfer.

What is Kujira?

Kujira is decentralized finance platform built using Cosmos SDK, offering a suite of revenue-generating DeFi applications. Its unique features include an on-chain scheduler minimizing bot reliance, and native token generation, where every token becomes a native Cosmos token. Also, it supports secure smart contract development with CosmWASM 1.0.

With over 50,000 active users, Kujira is designed for long-term, real-world use. It houses ORCA, a liquidated collateral marketplace; FIN, Cosmos' first on-chain order book style token exchange; BOW, a trading platform sharing fees with liquidity providers; GHOST, an asset lending money market; PILOT, a fair token launch mechanism; BLUE, a KUJI staking and governance hub; and FINDER, a tool for blockchain data search.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Gravity Bridge is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to transfer their assets from Ethereum to the Kujira Blockchain. It's a secure, cost-effective solution that offers quick transactions. However, it's important to note that fees can vary based on demand for blockspace and gas prices.