How to Bridge to Klaytn

How to Bridge to Klaytn

Andrew Chen
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Aug 24, 2022

Summary: The most secure and affordable way to bridge from any blockchain to the Klaytn network is through the Synapse protocol. Synapse is a cross-chain bridging protocol that supports 16 networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Cronos, BNB Chain and more.

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Platform Highlights

  • Bridge to Klaytn from Ethereum and 17 other networks.
  • Lowest Bridging fees and guaranteed 0% slippage.
  • Highest Bridging volume out of any bridging protocol.

Where can I bridge crypto to Klaytn?

If you want to bridge crypto to the Klaytn network you have come to the right place. As Klaytn is still considered a relatively new network, there aren't many bridging services to choose from. However, the largest and most secure bridging protocol globally does offer bridging services to and from Klaytn.

The best way to bridge your funds to the Klaytn network is through Synapse protocol. On Synapse users can bridge to Klaytn from 18 networks including; Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Cronos, BNB Chain, Aurora, Fantom, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Harmony One, DogeChain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Boba Network and Metis.

Synapse Protocol Analytics.
Synapse Protocol Analytics.

How to Bridge to the Klaytn network

In this guide, we show investors the easiest way to bridge to the Klaytn network. All you need to bridge between any networks in Synapse is a Web3 wallet, these are the supported wallet providers on Synapse - MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Smart Chain wallet & Terra Station. Follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Connect your preferred wallet to Synapse.
  2. Select the network you want to bridge from and Klaytn as your two blockchains.
  3. Find the asset you want to bridge to Klaytn and input the amount you want to send.
  4. Click 'Approve' and confirm the transactions on MetaMask.
  5. Your funds will appear in your wallet within minutes.
How to Bridge to the Klaytn network.
How to Bridge to the Klaytn network.

Is it expensive to bridge to Klaytn?

It can be expensive to bridge between networks depending on what bridging platform you use. Synapse however, is one of the most affordable bridging protocols to use as it offers 0% slippage on multiple tokens. Additionally, it offers low bridging fees ($3 - $10USD).

What assets can I bridge to Klaytn?

On Synapse, users can transfer multiple tokens to and from the Klaytn network. Refer to the list below for a breakdown of the supported cryptocurrencies.

  • Ethereum to Klaytn: WETH, USDT, USDC, DAI & WBTC
  • Avalanche to Klaytn: WETH, USDT & USDC
  • Cronos to Klaytn: USDT, USDC & DAI
Supported Bridging Assets to Klaytn.
Supported Bridging Assets to Klaytn.

What is Klaytn

The Klaytn network is a blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korean internet giant Kakao. The Klaytn network is designed to provide an easy and user-friendly experience for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The platform provides a variety of services including a digital wallet, development tools, and a decentralized application (DApp) store. The Klaytn network aims to create a "new digital economy" by providing a simple and convenient way for users to access blockchain technology.

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