Summary: Transferring assets from Optimism to Arbitrum is streamlined with several bridging platforms like Across Protocol. With the security of UMA's optimistic oracle and a track record of over $2.9 billion in transactions, Across stands out as a reliable option. Typical fees are between 0.06% to 0.12% of the transaction, with low gas charges. The platform accommodates various tokens, such as ETH, USDC, USDT, and others, facilitating the efficient movement of multiple cryptocurrencies from Optimism to Arbitrum.

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Can I Bridge from Optimism to Arbitrum? 

Yes, transferring your assets between Optimism and Arbitrum, both esteemed Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, is possible. Several reputable cross-chain bridging services are available to facilitate this transfer efficiently, providing you with various trustworthy choices. These platforms integrate seamlessly with Web 3.0 wallets such as MetaMask, allowing you to move assets like ETH, USDC, and other tokens directly to the Arbitrum network.

How to Bridge from Optimism to Arbitrum

Across Protocol is the most dependable option for shifting assets from Optimism to Arbitrum. Enhanced by the security of UMA's optimistic oracle, it offers users an additional layer of confidence. With a commendable record of handling a total volume beyond $2.9 billion and managing more than a million transactions, Across Protocol has firmly established itself as a leader in cross-chain services.

Here's a straightforward guide to facilitate the transfer:

  1. Visit the Across Protocol website and link your Web 3.0 wallet.
  2. Select Arbitrum as your target chain while keeping Optimism as the origin for the assets you aim to transfer.
  3. Pick the asset you wish to bridge, such as ETH, USDT, DAI, and USDC, and specify the quantity.
  4. Thoroughly check the transaction specifics and then give your approval. In under 2 minutes, your assets will be visible in your Arbitrum wallet.
Bridge from Optimism to Arbitrum via Across.

Optimism to Arbitrum Bridging Fees

Understanding the associated costs is essential for those contemplating the transfer of assets from Optimism to Arbitrum. Across Protocol offers affordability, with typical fees between 0.06% and 0.12%. To break it down, transferring 1 ETH would attract a minimal liquidity provider (LP) fee ranging from 0.0006 to 0.0012 ETH. Additionally, given the cost-effective scaling methodologies employed by both Optimism and Arbitrum, gas fees are anticipated to be under 10 cents. 

Alternative Bridges

For those exploring various methods to bridge assets between Optimism and Arbitrum, several alternatives exist, such as Stargate Finance, Synapse, and Hop. These platforms have earned their reputation for reliability and extensive token compatibility. Nevertheless, it's crucial to know that the fees associated with Stargate Finance and Synapse can occasionally be steeper. 

Based on our analysis, opting for Stargate Finance or Synapse might lead to fees nearly twice as much as some other protocols. Hence, while trustworthy, they might not always be the most economical choice. On the other hand, Hop offers another popular rollup-to-rollup bridge that might provide a more balanced fee structure.

Final Thoughts

In summary, transferring assets between Optimism and Arbitrum is feasible and efficient, especially when using platforms like Across Protocol. Its proven track record and security features make it a premier choice for such transactions. However, while alternative bridges like Stargate Finance and Synapse are reliable, they may occasionally have higher fees. It's essential to weigh the costs and benefits of each option, ensuring you make an informed decision for your asset transfers.