When bridging from the Fantom network to Harmony One, we recommend going via Synapse, a secure decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Synapse is a DEX that offers bridging services and has the largest bridging volume out of any cryptocurrency investing platform. The reason for its popularity is largely due to its competitively low fees, fast transaction speeds and wide variety of networks to bridge from.

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Bridge Crypto from Fantom to Harmony One

Bridging your tokens from Fantom to Harmony One is easier than ever when using Synapse. Synapse is a cross-chain DEX that offers bridging services on its platform. The Synapse protocol has the largest bridging volume out of any Dapp in DeFi and supports 15 networks including Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Cronos. 

If you would like to learn more about Synapse, we recommend visiting our Synapse Review page for a full breakdown of their fees, security and features.

Synapse Analytics

How to Bridge from Fantom to Harmony One

In this example we will use SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the sending and receiving token but you can also send USDC and USDT. Follow the below steps to get started:

Step One: Visit Synapse and connect your Metamask Wallet
Step Two: Select Fantom and Harmony as the two chains
Step Three: Input the amount of $SYN you want to bridge

Bridge Fantom to Harmony One

Step Four: Confirm the two transactions on Metamask and your funds in will arrive in your wallet within a minute

Permission Access - Synapse to Metamask

How much are Bridging fees for FTM to ONE?

To bridge cryptocurrency between Fantom and Harmony it will typically cost between $10 - $30USD to complete the bridging process. There are two fees involved, the bridging fee and the transaction (gas) fee. When you use Synapse however, the total cost comes to around $5USD and that price can get even lower if you choose to send SYN as the bridging token.

Synapse incentivise users to bridge using their token by offering 0% slippage and smaller bridging fees (generally 1 - 2 SYN). 


Fantom & Harmony One RPC Details

To bridge between Fantom and Harmony One you will first need to add both networks to your Metamask. You can find the RPC details as per below:

Fantom to Harmony One Bridge
May 13, 2022

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