Bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to Cronos (CRO)

Bridge from Ethereum (ETH) to Cronos (CRO)

Andrew Chen
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Oct 15, 2022

Summary: The best way to bridge from ETH to Cronos by using your MetaMask account is by going through Synapse, the world's largest multi-chain bridging protocol.

Their platform allows users to seamlessly swap ETH, USDT, USDC and CRO between Ethereum mainnet and the Cronos blockchain by Crypto.com.

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Best Ethereum to Cronos Bridge

Platform Highlights

  • Fastest and most trusted Ethereum to Cronos cross-chain DEX.
  • Lowest fees and slippage for cross-chain swaps (WETH, CRO, USDC, OHM, USDT).
  • Synapse's ETH and CRO bridge has the most trading volume in DeFi.

How to bridge ETH to Cronos with Metamask

When bridging between Cronos and Ethereum, the only two tokens available to bridge are SYN, the native token of Synapse and gOHM (Olympus DAO). We recommend using the token SYN to use this bridging protocol as it will be a quick process (around 5 - 10 minutes total) and the price of SYN shouldn't fluctuate much within that time frame.

Follow the below steps to get started on bridging from ETH to Cronos:

  1. Visit the Synapse protocol.
  2. Select 'Connect Metamask Wallet'.
  3. Enter the amount of SYN you want to bridge from ETH to Cronos.
  4. Press 'Approve SYN' and follow the prompts in your Metamask wallet to finalise your swap.
Bridge SYN Eth to Cronos
Bridging 100 SYN tokens from Ethereum to Cronos via Synapse.

Alternative Cronos Bridges

If you would like to use an alternative bridge to Synapse to move your assets from ETH to Cronos, then you can do it natively through the Cronos Bridge. This is a secure bridge built by the Cronos and Crypto.com team to facilitate cross-chain transfers.

We found that compared to Synapse, the Cronos bridge can be a little bit more expensive when moving from ETH to Cronos, or AVAX to Cronos.

ETH to Cronos Bridge Fees

When bridging your SYN to Cronos from the Ethereum Chain to the Cronos Chain, you will need to consider the following fees that are involved.

  1. Transaction fee to deposit SYN into your Metamask Wallet
  2. Bridging of SYN from Ethereum to Cronos

Both transactions will cost you up to $50 USD to move your funds over to the Cronos network. Once your funds have arrived on the Cronos network, the costs to move funds around comes to about 30 cents per transaction. The gas fees on the Cronos network are much lower than the fees on the Ethereum network.

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