How to Bridge from Solana to BNB Chain

How to Bridge from Solana to BNB Chain

Sara White
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Sep 2, 2022

Summary: Solana and Binance Smart Chain are two popular blockchain networks and to bridge your tokens between them you will need to use a bridging protocol. We recommend using Allbridge as it has low fees and fast bridging speeds. 

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Where can I bridge from Solana to BSC/BNB Chain?

There are only two protocols that allows bridging to and from the Solana network, Portal Bridge (the native bridge of Solana) and Allbridge (a multi-chain bridging protocol). Portal Bridge takes around 30 minutes to complete the bridging process whereas Allbridge only takes 5 minutes.

Portal Bridge protocol also charges a 1% bridging fee and Allbridge charges 0.3%. Therefore, Allbridge is the faster and cheaper bridging option. In addition to bridging between these two networks, Allbridge allows bridging to and from 12 more networks.

How to Bridge from Solana to Binance Smart Chain

Before bridging your tokens between these two blockchain networks, you will need to have the compatible wallets installed on your browser. For Binance we recommend using Metamask, and for Solana we suggest Sollet, Phantom, Exodus or Solflare.

In the below example we will use abUSDC as the bridging token but you can apply this method to any of the available tokens. Follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Go to Allbridge, select Solana and BNB Chain as your two networks.
  2. Select USDC (or any token) you want to bridge.
  3. Connect your Solana-supported wallet and approve the transactions.
  4. Once you have approved the transactions, input your Metamask BSC/BNB wallet address for the funds to arrive in and select complete.
Send USDC from Solana to BNB Chain

Binance Smart Chain RPC Details for Metamask

You will need to add BSC to your Metamask Web3 wallet before sending funds from Solana to Binance Smart Chain. To add this network, simply go to the ‘Networks’ drop down in MetaMask, select ‘Add Networks’ and fill in the details as per below.

Available bridging tokens from Solana to BSC

When sending tokens from Solana to BNB Chain it’s important to remember that not all tokens are available on both networks. You can refer to the list below of available cryptocurrencies you can send from Solana and what you will receive on Binance Smart Chain.

  • ABR - ABR
  • IF - IF
  • abBTCB - BTCB
  • abBUSD - BUSD
  • abETH - ETH
  • abIVN - IVN
  • abUSDT - USDT
  • abUSDC - USDC
Available Bridging Tokens from Solana
Available Bridging Tokens from Solana on Allbridge.

Solana to BNB Bridging Fees

Always consider the fees you have to pay before you use any bridging protocol. Most bridges will charge two fees, the bridging fee and the gas fee. On Allbridge, the bridging fee is a flat 0.3% and the gas fee varys depending on how busy the network is. The gas fees to bridge between these networks on Allbridge are typically between $15 - $20 AUD.

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